Jerusalem Dateline: 5/17/19 – Iran and the US on the Brink of War

Tensions flare between US and Iran – will it lead to war? Also Israeli officials and Christian leaders celebrate the anniversary of the US Embassy moving to Jerusalem and Eurovision comes to Israel.



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  1. Iran is run by a fascist terrorist regime, they need to be removed from power and replaced with real democracy and freedom like the West, that's the only solution to stop these loons from getting nukes to use against Israel, US and Europe. Also thank you, Mr Trump, for being such a great president.

  2. Much Love from Iran.
    Looking forwards to opening our embassy in Jerusalem and reopening your embassy in Tehran.
    G-d bless Israel and USA the best friends of us Iranian people in the world.
    Thank you President Trump and PM Mr Netanyahu for supporting us the Iranian people in our endeavor to regain our lost freedom. Thank you CBN for your excellent reporting.

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