Jewish Protesters Assault Messianic Believers, Christians: 'Some Were Cut in the Face'

Jewish Protesters Assault Messianic Believers, Christians: ‘Some Were Cut in the Face’



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  1. This is not how jews act gentlemen you dont blow up buses you dont kill and assault women and children this is not the behavior of jews period otber people act like this but jews have a history of not acting like this especially as antagonist remember who you are gentlemen

  2. What a disaster and IGNORANCE of the Natural seed of Abraham?
    IT'S VERY SAD AND I'm heartbroken SEEING the self deception of the Orthodox Rabbis and their followers who deny their Own Torah and prophets and Apostles.!!
    I don't hate them but I pray for them DAILY MANY TIMES BECAUSE MY ETERNAL REDEEMER YESHUA/JESUS CHRIST CAME AS A JEW and very soon Yeshua will return to Jerusalem/Israel to judge all the Unbelievers and ESTABLISH HIS MILLENNIAL KINGDOM AND RULE THE PLANET EARTH.!! HALLELUJAH.♉🇮🇳🇮🇱♎

  3. Guys do you remember what our Yeshua/Jesus Christ said to the unbelieving Jews of His day? It's in John5:43; Zechariah12:42-43. When Anti Messiah or Antichrist comes to destroy them they WILL REALISE THE WORTH OF YESHUA/JESUS CHRIST and cry for help and Guess Who will help them? It's our GLORIOUS Eternal Yeshua/Jesus Christ. Zechariah14:1-21.

  4. Lord Jesus Christ is Almighty God and Messiah. Lord Jesus is the only way, truth and eternal life. Nobody enters the kingdom of The Father if not by The Lord Messiah. Believe, praise, worship, exalt and glorify our King and Savior Lord Jesus Christ. He died on the cross in calvary, was burried and rose from the dead to defeat eternal death. HalleluJah Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  5. Whew jews hate Christians?.? They never learn the history. They reject JESUS CHRIST, and got punished. Without Christian's country that support Jews, they will have no country like Israel today.

  6. Very sad… some are very fanatics due to some of the rabbinic hatred against Yeshua… it threatens their tratitions (some of them that go against the Torah) and also the authority a rabbi has today in the eyes of a follower of his… very sad.

  7. They can't understand how God can become a man in the flesh..maybe we should read genesis 18 slowly together with hand puppets if needed and explain how God appeared to Abraham and ate with him..

  8. i was at this concerts rehearsal the night before this attack. same place and and everything (no attacks though). If only these protesters could remember their own scriptures….
    Let us make man in our image.

    the lord said to my lord.

    For to us a child is born,
        a son will be given to us,[b]
    and the government will be upon His shoulder.[c]
    His Name will be called
        Wonderful Counselor,[d]
        Mighty God
        My Father of Eternity,
        Prince of Peace.[e]

  9. Talmud bullies are desperate and losing I am Jewish and yes Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came to release the Holy Ruach on all who believe and to forgive our sins and give us eternal life. Only the name of Jesus Christ can send the Holy Spirit

  10. All this is still happening because they haven’t read the Torah, if only they knew Hashem’s Words …….. To express it softly THE BIGGEST MISTAKES HUMANITY EVER MADE WAS IDOLATRY AND 2000+ YEARS AGO TO CRUCIFY HASHEM, AND ARE STILL COVERING IT UP NOW !!! That is why they are NOT ALLOWED TO READ ISAIAH, because this is the proof that the Rabbi’s, Pharisees, and people were very wrong. The people wanted miracles, they believed but they didn’t want to commit! (Now don’t forget we all have sinned against HaShem and all need His rachem/mercy.

  11. Both are awaiting the coming of the Messiah with yearning hearts, with one little difference, the Cristians are awaiting His Second Coming. Please study and be at peace. —> ⭐️🌈Good advice for the Jewish population, study both the Tanakh and ask HaShem to reveal The Truth. “HaShem is the only TRUE TEACHER”. We both, Jews and Nations have been kept in the dark, we both have only half a coin. —> 🌈Best advice to Cristians, obey all of God’s commandments (also regarding Foods: No 🐷, no blood, life is in the blood, only Fish with scales; and please celebrate G-d’s feasts, etc. Study both of G-d’s Covenants with humankind, recorded in the full Bible) ❤️🔥❤️Yeshua/Jesus didn’t abolished His Father’s Commandments but came to reinforce them, and He came for more than one reason. “Remember The Messiah, woke the death, healed the sick, fed the poor, and He DID NOT sin, and He is victorious over death”.
    Shalom and all the very best to both, we are all G-D’ s adopted children if we truly repent, study His commandments and try daily to walk in the Messiah’s footsteps, hating sin and repenting daily, as we are still in the flesh! Nobody is perfect, only HaShem, Yeshua and Ruach Hakodesh is/are PERFECT, PURE, JUST, FAITHFUL, LOVING, GOOD, GENEROUS, GRACIOUS, FORGIVING, MERCYFUL, the list is endless 🍇 all His adopted children will be grafted into the vine.

  12. Yeshua is God with us. Immanuel.
    Isaiah 9:6 is clear…Yeshua is the "Almighty God and Everlasting Father…"
    One God.
    Manifested in flesh 1 Timothy 3:16 .

    I love what these guys are doing and I'm proud of them for there stance for truth and bringing praise to the name of our Elohim Yeshua.

  13. Israelis … the most NATIONALISTIC the most AGRESSIVE nation in the world … and they play victims calling other nations fasist and antisemi …. its as if hitler in 45' would call everyone on allied forces ANTIGERMANISTIC …. JUST STOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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