Temple Mount Sifting Project Unveils Artifacts from Time of David

Temple Mount Sifting Project Unveils Artifacts from Time of David



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  1. And in order for Jewish person to even venture onto the temple mount, the holiest site for Jews, they cannot wear a kippa, nor any indication of their identity, nor can they approach the Dome of the Rock.

  2. But you have forgotten ZION. The First Temple was on Mount Zion! NOT on Mt Moriah. The so called, and Fake Temple Mount is where the Roman Fort Antonia stood, of which there was NO "Temple" there, and never had been!!! It is Profound that the Jews are praying to the Wall of a Roman Fort. Truly Sad!!! For they have forgotten Zion. Mt Zion is where Solomon's Temple Stood. FACT!

  3. Folks, please have discernment….not everything they find in Israel is from exactly 2000 years ago. Some of it could have been from 1800 years ago, or even 2200 years ago. Placing something within a 100 year time frame is almost impossible. These items are from that "era" spanning about 400 years.

  4. We have gone deaf listening again and again about Jewish history in Jerusalem. How about the fact of Christian and Muslim history there for the past 1000- 2000 years.
    Palistinians Muslim and Christians have been living there with an unbroken history for over 1000 year's. You don't just come and up root the inhabitants just because you also have history there .
    Many of the European Jewish people are Ashkanazi Jewish converts without a Genealogy link .

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