One of the Most Unreached Places on Earth, A Brave Escape, & the Beauty of the Bible

This week on Christian World News…
– We take you to one of the most unreached places on Earth. It’s known as the Land of the Blue Sky and it’s where a camp is changing lives.
– The epic story of a family’s brave escape from Vietnam after the fall of Saigon, and how a series of miracles saved their lives.
– Showing off the beauty of the Bible in America’s capital.

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  1. A World vision Australia employee in Gaza diverted millions to build tunnels into Israel and pay Hamas wages. World vision australia's propaganda in favour of terrorists from Gaza and the west bank is disappointing and brings its version of Christianity and this organisation into disrepute.

  2. I'll bet they don't have that many sunny days anymore. Not with all the chemtrailing that's going on. To Depopulate most of our planet. Oh I'm so sorry. I half to be politically correct now. It is called the Aerosol Injection Weather Modification, & Research Program. That is what the rich elitist are now calling Genocide, & the Killing of Our Planet now days. It Is All Based On This Fake Climate Change War They Are Supposedly Fighting Against. Which Is Supposed To Save Our Planet, & The People. Yet It Is Doing The Exact Opposite Go Figure.

  3. How can we forget that it was the Americans who slaughtered and burnt three million Vietnamese people in a part of the world where they had no business to be whatsoever. Then lost in disgrace fleeing with their tails between their legs and with no thought whatsoever for their South Vietnamese ally. Lets not change history. Dont also forget the Napalm and Agent Orange chemicals dropped causing cancer and birth deformations to this day. Preach the Gospel to the perpetrators of this war, these socalled Christians, first. Hypocrites!

  4. Wonderful report on the Russians spreading the Gospel in Mongolia. Praying for these beautiful people to become redeemed by our LORD Jesus Christ and become a part of the Kingdom of our LORD GOD! Much love to you all ❤️

  5. "Millions of people are dying and going to hell because they don't know about Jesus. I don't care about politics I only care about Jesus."

    YES YES YES YES! HALLELUJAH! GLORY TO GOD! Thank you Lord for taking the Gospel to Mongolia and saving souls for thy glory! That is so awesome!

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