China Govt Harvesting Human Organs from Falun Gong, Other Prisoners Also Victims

China Govt Harvesting Human Organs from Falun Gong, Other Prisoners Also Victims



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  1. China is horrible to the prisoners something must be done to stop these horrible things they will pay for the torment The U N needs to get involved grave human rights violations on Christians!

  2. I'm astonished that a report of this magnitude is being ignored by the big networks. Thank you so much for addressing this violation of Justice in China. We can only pray over these issues if they are brought to our attention. Good reporting!

  3. yes. a man who left China spoke out I had just read about this. the man that left was on the team that did the surgical procedures he stated the people were alive and awake when they were cut open.

  4. organs are taken from falun gong practitioners, christian, Uyghurs, and other politcial prisoners. Remember, it was the clinton who let china enter into WTO and gave china design secret for nuclear sub.

  5. How can these heavily edited footages be a prove of "Organ Harvesting"??? Can anyone please use your brains?? Does it mean I can just compile videos of the NYPD arresting criminals with US arms and footages of dying patients, to show that US is prosecuting its people?

  6. Chinese organ harvesting from prisoners has been common knowledge in the medical community for decades and is a result of China's death penalty fetish. Do Americans participate in this Chinese racket?

  7. The world health organisation sent undercover “organ tourists” to China. It’s a long and concise report. Most were promised organs within a few weeks which is impossible unless you have a stockpile of organs or a database of potential “donors”. The WHO was clear, organ harvesting in China is alive and kicking.

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