CBN NewsWatch AM: June 28, 2019

CBN NewsWatch AM: June 28, 2019



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  1. Years ago, Los Angeles kids were bused into a really nice white Area. Homes were broken into so we're cars. Cops just went right after the kids being bussed from Los Angeles to solve the crimes.

  2. Omgoodness…. Kamala should be in soap operas WITH THAT QUIVERING VOICE ..HOW MANY TIMES DID YOU REHEARSE YOUR LINES KAMALA??? SHE EVEN ALMOST SQUEEZED A TEAR OUT.😢 What a complete sham. AS IF riding the bus to school as a child is supposed to humanize her to all us little people. WHICH SCHOOL IN BERKELY WERE YOU BUSSED TO ??? THATS AN ELITE AREA KAMMY DEAR. SO DONT PRETEND TO BE A VICTIM OF SEGREGATION OR TO CARE FOR THOSE WHO WERE..WE STILL DONT GET TO EAT IN THE SAME RESTAURANTS AS YOU & your white hubby— EVEN THO WE PAY YOUR SALARY.. Youre my age Kamala, we all know segregation wasnt an issue in the 70's NOT FOR THE LOW TO MIDDLE CLASS FOLKS — WE ALL RODE THAT BUS TOGETHER NO MATTER THE RACE , where i lived. But you lived in luxury i guess YOU RACE BAITER …You seem to be a nasty, pretentious climber who throws ppl under the bus with absolute villainous deceit and violent smear tactics. Thats the clear impression im left with. If you think you stand a chance against an honest man , YOU ARE NUTS TO BOOT. Especially not an honest man thats as saavy & caring as this president is. Hes donating his whole presidential paycheck to charities every year so far, while you & your colleagues are deceiving the U.S. citizens & stepping on eachother out of pure greed.

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