‘The Beating Heart of Jerusalem’: Newly Discovered Pilgrimage Road Gives Glimpse into Life During Je

‘The Beating Heart of Jerusalem’: Newly Discovered Pilgrimage Road Gives Glimpse into Life During Jesus’ Time



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  1. Amazing! Thank God jews have knowledge and historical sense of awareness to preserve each and every discovery they made. That city is so important for all the 3 important religions in the planet. Hope one day become neutral state where all of us can join peacefully. God save Israel ❤ Shalom

  2. I had the joy to go to Israel last year, and walking where our LORD walked was so overwhelming! The Southern Steps, The Western Wall etc. Then going out into the Mountains of Israel were David hid out from Saul. Mt Carmel where the prophet Elijah called down fire etc. Just a few of the places we visited. I still think about it and can't wait for Jesus to return to rule and reign from His Holy City Yerushalayim xox

  3. Desertification of south Arabia followed by migration of Semites tribes to the North , the ones that inhabited Palestine gave it the name of Canaan land, Judaism spread between them and formed Israel,

    Many parts of Hijaz, Yemen were jewish, Eqypt christians Koptic and less jewish, Syria christian Syrianic and jewish …Iraq Christians, Jewish, Zaradisht and others…

    Sea people migration to the east , Jewish canaan fought them : David versus Juliath , later got mixed to form the Palestinians today, Khazars converted to Judaism, but Czars of Russia and the Mongols fought them, so they spread over Europe.

    later migrated to the Palestinian land, used the Semite Hebrew language sister of Aramaic and Arabic as official language and called themselves Semites. And they are not Semites ;

    Israel is new Khazar state in Middle
    East that brought jews who belong to their countreys. Their power comes from their control over all aspect of life in North America and the world : from Finance to Media to large Corporation.
    Look :
    Dr. Areilla Oppenheim at the hebrew university in Jerusalem found that genome of Ashkenazi jews : 40% mongols and 40 % turkish.

    Dr. Eran Elhaik from John Hobkins University, USA, found that 80% of Palestinians people ' DNA is Semitic
    80% not 100% because they are mixed with southern Europeans, Sea peoples…

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