Brit Activist Tommy Robinson Sentenced to Jail, Seeks US Asylum over 'Death Sentence'

Brit Activist Tommy Robinson Sentenced to Jail, Seeks US Asylum over ‘Death Sentence’



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  1. Amazing that two of the world's best truth tellers are holed up in Belmarch prison. Julian Assange, and our own Tommy. Wtf these guys must have a wealth of information on the Hillary Clinton's and British Government.

  2. "Judges" have sold British "justice" for 30 pieces of silver at the request of the British Government. The placement of Tommy in Belmarsh cannot be realistically explained. Democracy in Britainstan is dead and Sharia is well on it's way, enforced by the new Gestapo ( formerly police) thanks to the traitorous elites of Britain.

  3. It was a political imprisonment he is now a political prisoner in Britain I believe he's broken no laws in the UK but the political elites in the House of Parliament for Labour and Tory Party have used it inference in the law system to victimise a man of Truth A man of honesty and a man who spoke out against the humanities against children in Britain the state especially the Labour Party depends on the ethnic vote they won't even speak up against fgm they promised these Communities that they will implement their laws in the UK if they vote for them Tommy Robinson is a political prisoner no more no less and what these men did to these young children it seems the government of Britain seem to stick up for the rights of these people who carried out these ungodly crimes against children some of these children are so messed up I will never have a proper life and their parents who cries out for justice it falls on deaf ears when it comes to the House of Parliament

  4. They don't talk about this in France. No wonder. The actual french government and the crook Macron and corrupt politicians would rather use violence and arbitrary arrests against the yellow jackets who are asking for social justice, democracy and sovereignty among other things, a threat of course for the establishment, and on another hand, let arab immigrants in particularly algerians destroy stores, cars, rob tourists on the streets and subways, etc…for fear of triggering riots spreading all over France.
    From Paris, 🇫🇷

  5. Britain in 2019 looks extremely similar to 1920's Chicago.
    Rampant Corruption with no justice to be found.

    Send Tommy Robinson here to America, he belongs here with us patriots anyways!!!


  6. Thanks from the UK for reporting this as the press here are so bias they would rather edit film and the truth to push the government agenda the people of the UK are under siege from there own government with the help from the press and the police and they are willing to go to any length to stop any individual who has a different opinions to what they want you to have the way the UK government acts I can see people who don't agree with the government start disappearing off the streets in the near future

  7. A wise man once said "data is the new oil". If he takes the fall (like in my opinion was the objective) the "community" will be dismantled next. Without the ability to express the 1st amendment, you can't defend any of the remaining

  8. Thank you for reporting this. It's time the Islamic blasphemy law prohibiting free speech around Islam get called out that it's anti-UK law. This demonstrates Islam activists already control key power centres in the UK. This is Islamisation on the quiet from the inside. He has been committed of a civil offence and should not be transferred to a criminal prison. Please report on how his previous arrest was thrown out of court as unlawful previously. They changed the CHARGE for a PREVIOUS offence in this case. Foreign government money was behind the prosecution in this case. The same government proven to be implicit in 911.

  9. Please please share this story, we need it to go viral, make posters, free tommy, take a picture of where the poster is put (where public can see) then post on the Internet, many heartfelt thanks, from a tommy supporter

  10. Thank you for covering this. The shameless MSM has tried to blacken his name and reputation, but the people of Britain will not fall for it. Yes you are right, if Tommy dies in Prison, Muslim blood is going to spill ..big time.

  11. This is outrageous… don't worry guys even tho tommy does spread alot of hate he will be ok in prison its safe in there. You will see when he gets out. He will tell u how badly he had been treated but thats expected from him. I promise you he will come out alive. Our prison system is fine and no one rules it. If hes that scared he shouldn't break the law

  12. There is no social cohesion, multi culturalism is a failed experiment the government have created polarised communities, division , isolation and ghettos in all our major towns and cities . And irrespective of any laws they unlawfully introduce they cannot silence us because the British constitution protects our freedom of speech. God bless tommy Robinson

  13. Our democracy is dead. George Orwell’s 1984 arrived in Great Britain. Our freedom has taken away by the totalitarian establishment. The establishment and MSM like bbc wanted destroy Tommy Robinson. Tommy is the TRUTH TELLER. The establishments frightened by the facts of truth. Tommy Robinson is the symbol of FREEDOM SPEECH. We have to support Tommy to fight back for our Freedom of DEMOCRACY. it is our human right. Tommy Robinson has been political prisoner for several times with the such unfair treated by British ‘Totalitarian law’. Shame on British corrupted judges. May God Bless Tommy stay safe and stay in Good health. God bless Tommy and his family.

  14. This the absolute truth about UK 🇬🇧 government
    If you say or stand against Islam, they will absolutely wipe you off.
    They shariya low is already been set for UK future
    They have it in some parts of UK and they're very active. Seen it with my own eyes

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