Iranian Muslims Meeting ‘Man from Nazareth’ by the Millions 7/12/19

As tensions flare between the US and Iran, a picture emerges of an Iran few are seeing – revival in the church; and recent archaeological discoveries from the pilgrim road to the Temple from Jesus’ day to ancient Ziklag where David escaped … …



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  1. It is written that when the true Mashiach ( massiah) comes there will be Peace around the world, no more wars, every one living together in peace, that has has not happen in the last 2,000 years, so I and most Jewish people are waiting for the true Mashiach.

  2. The reason that Christianity is growing faster in Iran than China & Korea is because Iran(Persia)had Christianity there from the early days of Christianity, but Islam in the 7th-8th centuries wiped it out & Iran has the "blood of martyrs in its history"!!!!! China & Korea did not have much Christianity until modern times & no blood of martyrs in early Christian history !!!!!

  3. Christians and Jews in Iran have comfortable lives, never prosecuted and they are free to practice their religion. Unlike Palestinians, when Jews invaded their land and they are taking their cities home by home. Millions of Palestinians are refugees out of their country. May God do not forgive Jews.

  4. Aleluia Duhului sfânt al Lui Isus Hristos scumpii și iubiți mei Frați și prieteni, cu mult respect vă urez un uichin împodobită cu mii și mii de Binecuvîntari să aveți scumpii și iubiți mei Frați și prieteni, iar Haina Neprihanire a Lui Isus Hristos să ne fie călăuză veți pe acest Pământ și în Eternitate. 🙏🙏🙏

  5. The greatest choice one can ever make and the greatest gift to recieve: Redemption and eternal life! We are all invited to join Messiah Jesus/Y'shua and recieve a 'new' heart. Many blessings to you!

    The King of Kings is coming soon 📿👍🤗.

  6. Let the Gospel speak for you. Isreal MUST remain high priority for America. And now that our "books" are getting straightened out via Trump, monies will be more accessible to God fearing factions within Iran. God first!

  7. Nu ,Israel este Poporul Domnului Isus Hristos și cine se ridică împotriva Lui Israel, se ridică împotriva Lui Dumnezeu Isus Hristos, fiindcă Israel este Poporul Domnului Isus Hristos Amin,cu maxim respect vă urez o seară împodobită cu puterea Duhului sfânt și Haina Neprihanire a Lui Isus Hristos să ne fie călăuză veți pe acest Pământ și în Eternitate. 😭🙏🙏🙏

  8. Jesus offers forgiveness of sins and says love one another. If your life is full of hate it is possibly filled with empty religion. Jesus says I have come that you may have LIFE. Turn away from religion and turn to Him.

  9. Regarding Iran, alleluia! The irony that we need to suffer, in order to return to Christ. May the rot of our societies today lead more souls to a fervent love and devotion to Christ. Amen.

  10. I have had Iranian students in college writing and literature classes. They were brilliant.

    I am not surprised that the face of Iran in the news is not the true face of the people.

    Iranians are too smart to want the repressive regime in power now.

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