CBN NewsWatch PM: July 17, 2019

CBN NewsWatch PM: July 17, 2019



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  1. I love Mexico 🇲🇽 because GOD decided for me to born there. I love USA 🇺🇸 because i became Chriatian here. USA 🇺🇸 was founded on CHRISTIAN principles you must respect that if you can't do that leave

  2. These demonrats are desperate and want to use anything to impeach him, it will not work we agree with our president, I’m an immigrant and agree with what he said if you don’t like our country just leave, I also absolutely agree with his immigration laws and wall we can’t allow the invasion we are having is unbelievable to see people disagree with him on this. I 4 sure will vote for Trump again.

  3. I don’t agree with Jacinta Ma, because theirs a lot of people wants to come here from overseas who applied for permanent visa, so if they are from Central America they just go to the border illegally and not applying for permanent residence that’s not fair for other country.

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