Norwegian Nightmare: 'Barnevernet' Preys On Children and Parents

Norwegian Nightmare: ‘Barnevernet’ Preys On Children and Parents



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  1. I am shocked to hear about this kidnapping taking place with these families ! The people all need to stand together and make their voices heard until something is done. Not sure what type of faith they all have but, there is power in prayer and God's living words. I put these children & families in my prayer book and will pray.

  2. I'm not religious by any means, but you are absolutely right about this when it comes to our child protection system in Norway. It's fundamentally flawed and needs to be reformed, for the childrens best interest. The most common reason statistically is "lack of parenting skills", not drug abuse, neglect or violence. The problem here is that it's highly subjective. Bureaucracy, and way too many unethical descisions based on subjective flimsy reasons are made to forcefully remove a child from their parents where the children doesn't get heard and the parents doesn't even get any help measures. "Barnevernet" also made my life a living hell when I was younger, ruining my schooling and indoctrinating me to believe I had no one who cared about me in my biological family network.

  3. Shame. I thought Norway was a civilised country. Parents of young children should steer clear of Norway. Taking your child away from you is like rape. The poor kid will never recover, not to talk about the parents' trauma. How is it in Sweden? Anybody know if Swedish far-left government has a similar policy? I would assume they have.

  4. The only question is do Barnevernet apprehend children by kilo or by peace. From Serbia they managed the export of 5900 kids with out consent of parents. No body is able to trace their kids being alive and can only pray they will not end up as spare parts for Norwegian. They call common EU values, kids have no rights to parents in Norway, while LGBTQTSCM can pray on them as foster parents.

  5. From all the research I've done, Sweden is just as bad, but simply hasn't gotten as much international attention.
    Back in the day, governments sterilized "the unfit". Now, they take their children away instead. I've even heard of one of these girls raised in foster care be told that "if you have a single child, it will be taken from your arms at birth". That was in Sweden. And in Norway, according to research done on Barnevernet (forskning . no), 47% of cases involve a mother who was in the foster system herself.

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