‘Our Country Should Be More Fearful of White Man’: Ilhan Omar’s ‘Political Food Fight’ with Trump

President Donald Trump and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) exchanged more harsh rhetoric Tuesday in a fight that just will not die down. President Trump is not backing down and clearly, neither are the so-called “squad.” No, this is a battle to the political death. Racism and politics – not a day goes by without the toxic subject making an appearance.
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    This insane! This much stuff can't be racist. Everyday I wake up some else is racist. If I have a disagreement with someone of a different skin color it's not racist it's a disagreement. Also what do we need to fear white men for when you she supports Muslim radicals. Anyone of Anakin color can be violent towards another person. She says racist stuff all the time, so let's profile her.

  2. She needs to leave. If the United States is soooo bad then leave and go fix your craphole home country. She is an anti-Semitic anti-american Sharia dog who needs to keep her opinions to her self. I'm one white male who will vote for Trump simply because of animals like her😠

  3. WTF…! Are we to condone this? WE SHOULD BE fearful of whitemen?…Do we really accept this F**** person saying that…God, America is screwed really screwed… the terrorist are creeping up all the way to the upper chamber of our society and government and nobody seems to notice it.. We need Ironman to end this or Thanos will take over.

  4. Who the f@#k is stupid enough to vote for her she hates white men Americans Jews and now shes lying about white men killing more people in america which is a lie. Its actually nlack men and their killing each other.

  5. She is a loyal follower of Islam. And as a loyal follower she follows the Sharia. The Sharia has religious and POLITICAL teachings. She is obeying the political teachings to make constitutional decisions. It's wrong and it needs to be put to an end.

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