One of the Greatest Mysteries: Where is the Ark of the Covenant? 7/26/19

Persian Gulf crisis: who will blink in stand-off between Iran, England & US? And rifts in Democratic Party as US House passes anti-Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions resolution; and Ark of the Covenant exists as it did 2,700 years ago but where is it?



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  1. The Ark was found in 1980 in a cave On Catholic school property in Jordan. The cave is located 2-3 miles from the Dead Sea. After it was found the Rothchilds sent a team to collect it. Top rabbis in Israel know this fact. This find was reported in main stream media at the time and a couple times since.

  2. These ladies are not bringing policies from sane calm sensible thinking. It is coming from a place of hate anger revengeful negative emotions. So should be considered with caution. Hate anger only brings further same issues.

  3. Ron Wyatt found it. Henry Gruver, "the prayer walker" was a good friend of Ron Wyatt. He has stated that Ron showed him the cross holes when he was still excavating it and Henry has in his possession a video tape of Ron in the cave with the stone box, which had a crack down the middle where Jesus' blood was.

  4. Why do you guys keep asking this after Ron Wyatt discovered and proved by having tests done in a top laboratory! But what if course is as important to stress us that it will remain hidden now till the Lord reveals it in his time… until then these people just won’t get it! Nor are they!!

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