Trump Meets with 20 Pastors at White House to Discuss Inner City Issues

Trump Meets with 20 Pastors at White House to Discuss Inner City Issues



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  1. Ms King and those Pastors dont speak for the majority of Blk America theyre choosen by the White House and the media……

    Youve got brothers who're Muslims, Hebrew Israelites, Culture Nationalist, Militants and others who're not gonna follow King and those Pastors.

    The days of having Preachers speak for the community is over with.

    Todays blk spokespersons are those Blk Business people, Economists, Lawyers, Professors , Non corrupt elected officals activists , Independant journalists working with the grassroots……..

    Alveda King and her philosophy doesnt speak for me.

  2. I’m SO SICK OF THE MEDIA! When you tell the truth and actually use the same word “infested” that Elijah Cummings used and the prior mayor used, its racist? Just watch media and the Dems, this will be the greatest story in history how to hand a president a landslide .. 😘

  3. Democrats being Hypocrites on Gun Laws

    Well the heat is rising on gun laws and the Left is as usual doing the cooking. But still not one word on rescinding & repealing all laws that allow the Expunging & Sealing of Criminal Records. For many decades now criminals have been applying to the various state courts to have their convictions sealed and removed from public records. And it isn't just adult records but most importantly juvenile criminal records have gone the low road for likewise decades. I suspect that several members of Congress and especially from the Afro-American community will be among the first to turn this issue off. They too have used the courts to protect children convicted of crimes while as teenagers, and used the mindset of "We just don't want his/her crime record to affect him in the adult world." If these Leftist Democrats want to protect the American people by increasing background investigations and psychological profiling then it must start by ending the Sealed/Expunged record system. But I'll predict right now that with the majority of the people with expunged records being of well-to-do upper crust families, who have the money to spare the likelihood of changing the laws on this problem will never reach the mainstream news!!! Which brings me to the next idea…. What about the poor & middle class who cannot afford an expensive lawyer to get their records sealed? Perhaps we need a law for good kids and adults that have kept their noses clean for the last decade and should also be allowed to expunge, but have the state pick up the fees? Liberals are always crying for more social justice! A good man or woman just trying to get a better job, but can't because of some crime they committed fifteen years ago should have the equal opportunity the rich have! So which is it Democrats? Will you support ending the process of sealing & expunging criminal records (So we can figure out who should or should not own a gun) or would you rather have the state seal records for those who can't afford a lawyer and have kept their noses clean long enough to deserve it?

  4. "GOD does not show favoritism" (Rom. 2:11) We shouldn't tolerate division. Our country is more divided than ever, look around… so when we gather on Sunday morning's, let's model a love for our neighbors that shows No favoritism based on class, color, or nationality. Let's carry it into the political process, into the voter booth.

    Reference were taken from the book: THE THEFT OF AMERICA'S SOUL, blowing the lid off the lies that are destroying our country. By Phil Robertson.

    Did you hear that AMERICA? 🤔🇺🇲45th 2020🇺🇲

  5. Prayers for the President , that he remains steadfast in his decisions and he makes wise decisions despite what the media and the Demonrats accuse him of. Be strong and in faith, Sir. God is in control. There is too much publicity given by media on racism and that everybody has jumped in to accuse POTUS of racism without understanding the word 'racism' . The Dems using this issue as a platform to get votes. Well, its not going to work. Finish the wall. all these murders and shootings would not happened if the wall was finished on time.

  6. I applaud Pres Trump for having God's servants at the White House. We must take for granted America was founded on a Jadeo Christian Foundation. Prayers will bring healing to the division with peace.

  7. How many of these pastors haven't joined the Catholic religion? Also why then do we have rabbis leading prayer in Congress or Senate? Who is the ones that are standing for Christ our Lord? So far I'm not believing things are well spiritually with this nation.

  8. Basic
    Proposal For:
    City Restructure
    Operation Restore

    will be an effort for the people of the city and by the people to
    work together and take an active role to Make the Inner cities great
    again elected officials will not have any fiscal responsibilities   
                                                           There will be
    a committee of no less than two independent contractors at separate
    locations to oversee the vendors contracts cost three bids per
               Clean Remove Rebuild: Restore Employees 

    employees will be trained and certified in pest control and will
    start immediately                                                   
       Crews to start the cleaning which will involve community service
    workers comprised of drug offenders removing trash       A Restore
    crew to power wash and bleach residence for a salvage crew to go into
    residence and remove and save any fixtures doors lights bathtubs
    bricks etc that is deemed reusable crew will put fixtures in a vacant
    lot and sold along with fixtures from rehab homes at auction all
    monies to be used for safety equipment The Hard Hat Fund            
                              Restore employees will assist contractors
    as laborers and will be involved in all aspects of construction in
    house to reduce the use of outside contractors working with
    contractors A Restore employee may be inspired to pursue a
    Apprenticeship opportunity

    since speculators will see the benefits of this project we will
    provide a permit to dump and restore for one hundred dollars with a
    three day permit response time all monies to be used for The Tool
             Back to Work office employees for paperwork deed claims
    citations permits and dispatchers for equipment materials dumpsters
    etc procuring a value on materials a minimum of two employees not
    affiliated with the City will oversee cost and waste control the goal
    is to be fiscally prudent

    first six blocks will be a test to analyze cost and time this will be
    a estimate the goal is to keep costs per residence at forty thousand
    dollars cost breakdowns with Audits every month with a goal to make
    any part of the process more efficient and organized as this will be
    a template for future Restore projects

    that will be involved in the Back to work program called Restore will
    be the from public assistance you will be required to apply if you
    are terminated or quit you will lose your benefits for a period of
    one year                                single parents will take
    turns providing child care with a school curriculum                 
                                               absent owners will be sent
    a letter to comply letter if no response within thirty days the city
    will proceed with liens on there current residence and or properties
    and pay any back taxes or turn in deeds for property within ten days
                  the City will be be required to be diligent in the

    City has had years to enforce and track down delinquent owners with
    little to no results the City will have to comply meaning providing
    any paperwork should any employee refuse or not comply within the
    time frame given there employment will be terminated immediately
    should the city not comply in any way block or hinder federal and
    state funds will be up for review

    owners of delinquent properties that do not comply there names will
    be put on a list and will not be able to rent sell or own property or
    register any vehicle in that state

    Rent Review Board will oversee rentals send secret renters to review
    the property and make sure it is safe and everything is in working
    order if you receive a citation and do not comply you will not be
    allowed to register a car or any other property two citations for
    violations within thirty days of notice your property will be deemed
    condemned and seized and you will not be able to register any
    property in that state                                              
                                a fine will be put on any rent that is
    deemed excessive for the property value and area this will be a way
    to avoid rent rates to exceed the area A cap rate rent example if
    your property is worth thirty thousand dollars you rent is not to
    exceed three hundred dollars

    of 2-21-21 any person who is charged with a drug offense will be
    required to perform one hundred hours of community service for
    Operation Restore failure to comply a warrant is issued if the person
    charged is residing in your Household and Household is on public
    assistance you will lose your assistance for a period of one year   

    completion of each block families will be able to purchase and pay a
    monthly mortgage which will be no more than three hundred dollars a
    month and not to be sold for a period of five years your home will be
    inspected for rules of compliance once per year to keep and maintain
    your property                      no trash no abandoned vehicles a
    safe environment only the members of the original lease shall reside
                              your children will be given a standard test
    and will be required to be in a passing percentage for their age
    should your child fail to pass this test it is your responsibility to
    make sure that when the test is retaken you have met the requirements
    or you will risk losing your home  

    of these plans are in basic form and are meant to fix and avoid this
    from happening again fail safes for corruption will be in place of
    course we have to be diligent in all plans for them to succeed
    meaning working together to avoid bureaucracy expediting any plans
    take a whatever is needed approach Operation Restore can be the
    future to Making the Inner Cities Great Again
    Jeffrey C Maynard will be A independent contractor with the Title
    of:Project coordinator a minimum contract of two years with a
    performance review every six months

  9. Standing in the Gap for Nation Building and Transformation Cross-Cultural Leadership and Church Growth. May God Bless America. See Details Attached. Thanks. Philip Fred KATO, Missiologist, Development Economist, Cultural Anthropologist.

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