Keep your children safe in the digital age

According to a parents’ survey conducted by the US Department of Education, 98% of children have access to technology. Technology is everywhere and changes daily! It is no surprise that parents struggle to know where to find the most current information about what kids are doing online and how to keep children safe.

The LIGHT House (an affiliate of MBCH Children and Family Ministries) offers a number of classes to help provide parents and children with the most up-to-date and relevant information about technology and safety. These classes are free and can be brought to any audience large or small at any location. We bring our own technology for the presentations and provide promotional materials and handouts. To date 100% of our participants report learning something new and valuable at our presentations!

Tech Savvy Parenting (for parents): It is key for parents to ensure open communication, create balance, know how to moderate technology and advocate responsible digital citizenship with their children. The LIGHT House will provide participants with background information about what kids are doing online, where they are accessing media and teach families how to create an open and honest dialogue with their children. Additionally, parents will gain hands-on skills, learn how to create a media contract and set parental controls on all devices and gaming systems.

Responsible Digital Citizenship (for youth): Screen time and technology can be educational and really fun for kids. They can learn new things, develop an understanding of the world around them and even build relationships and learn about social development. It is important for children to learn what it means to be a good digital citizen. Kids need to know that their parents (or other adults) are safe to talk to if something has happened online that makes them uncomfortable. These classes are designed to teach youth what is safe and unsafe to share and do online. Additionally, youth will learn how to be kind and respectful of all people online.

The LIGHT House has extensively researched all of the Responsible Digital Citizenship materials and has adapted the Netsmarts Workshop. This program has materials for children ages 5-17 and was developed by the National Center for Missing and Exploited children. This information is taught in a fun and engaging way that is easy for youth to understand.

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Parent and Child Technology Class (for families together): In this class, families engage in a two way conversation about online safety, digital citizenship and expectations for the use of technology in and out of the home. The class is set up to tackle challenging conversations in a fun and open way. The LIGHT House will provide information about safety, communication and will work with families separately to set up their media contract together- as a family.

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If you would like more information about any of our classes or schedule us to speak to your group, please call us at 816-361-2233 or email lighthouse@mbch.org. Spots are extremely limited so call now! 

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