CBN NewsWatch PM: August 7, 2019

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  1. Father God I join in with this network and the nation of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and I pray with them I stand with them as we prayed together for a move. I stand and I prayed together as we pray Lord God for your hand. I pray God that we would pray and that we would receive forgot the gift of repentance father God and we would change our minds Lord God into the way that you would have it Lord God.

  2. Knives don't kill others by themselves; guns don't kill others by themselves; axes don't kill others by themselves – DERANGED, DEMON-Possessed, ANGRY, HATE-FILLED Monsters in human form do. Yes, for the LOVE of GOD to UNITE our beloved, divided country. In CHRIST, there is NO, absolutely NO, red, black, yellow, white….no skin shades. We have the same red blood coursing through our arteries and veins. No more blame-game. Just love & serve one another in humility – united in our love for CHRIST.

  3. Imminent danger. Well I understand, the more power you give to the government the worse off you are. They can claim anyone is an imminent danger even when they're not. It's just another ploy to take guns out of the hands of Americans

  4. The most important thing is to pray, our strength is God so we must go to Him with our wishes.

    You have not because you ask not.
    Pray for your enemy's, maybe they will repent and find the love and peace we know. Shalom

  5. Did they ever find out what killed that baseball player in Dallas a couple of weeks ago? He was really young. I can recall his name, but he was much loved. I dont watch sports, so i didnt know the name, but i was saddened. Just wondering.

  6. Parents.. the only thing worse than loosing someone in this way.. would be if we raised someone who took someone else’s life in this way… I’ve watched the anger grow over the years… and especially in the last few days.. people holding signs that say do something… take the guns!! Guns do not kill angry kids left alone for too long raised by a culture that tells them “it’s all about me!! And it’s all about how you feel.” not about what’s right and true…how about we all do something! Turn off the TV turn off the video games… come home from work… fix a home cooked meal.. eat around the table.. talk to your kids about their day… tuck them in and hold them tight… tell them you love them.. and that God loves them.. teach them right from wrong give them chores to do.. teach them to work and the joy of a job well done.. teach them to serve their neighbors… and how to be a friend.. teach them discipline and the Word of God so they know what God thinks and how to hear his voice… teach them how to walk in His ways… it’s a full time job… you may say..I have no time… and we can’t afford to not work… and I agree with you working is good.. but how much do we work for… that we absolutely do not need… but not taking time for and teaching our children and not having time for them.. is going to give us more of the same… and worse.. we CANT afford not to make time to be MOM and DAD. The future depends on it.

  7. People need to wake up to their lying Government Beast system! The very system trying to completely enslave you by murdering innocent people so you beg them for strict gun laws. Once they take the guns they can fully control you.

  8. Precious Lord Jesus! ♥️🙏🏻🙌🏻☝🏻For Each Family One Compassion Loving Kind President! Grateful Thankful For Our Precious Beloved President Trump! So Bless To Be Under This Administration ♥️🙏🏻☝🏻🙌🏻Only You Lord Jesus ♥️🙏🏻🙌🏻☝🏻♥️✝️♥️♥️🇮🇱♥️🇺🇸 Isaiah 54:17 Psalm 91

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