Hong Kong Airport Shuts Down Amid Pro-Democracy Protest

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  1. First of all I'm a subscriber to your Channel CBN second why on earth you put this into politics giving Garry a platform to speak like that way too much personal hidden agenda I don't know what he's up to but you suppose to be neutral this news doesn't fit the Christian core values as you doing it with ISRAEL I agree with almost everything you've been cover but this one are way too much and totally wrong, those protesters aren't looking for trouble all they want is very simple, they don't want to be controlled by the regime of Beijing that violated so much Human Rights and so many blood of martyred had been spilled on the Beijing regime these past recent years maybe you (CBN) brings that up rather than covers this event which is Symbolized a freedom as their carry out and hold up on American flag as the symbol of Liberty and Freedom which make us the greatest Nation on earth cause we hold up as an American of that value, and please lastly I just wanna point it that out please makes it in-depth research on the news that you cover, I don't wanna say this but you make me do it, it seems stupid when you're going on this one especially on your both anchor and the contributor.

  2. We want democracy for Hong Kong but the protesters are demanding too much too fast. They are running the risk of mainland China sending in their military to crush the rebellion. Then the people of Hong Kong will have absolutely no freedom. And the U.S. can’t really stop it without a risk of a military confrontation with China.

  3. Hong Kong simply asked for the promised universal suffrage, the right to vote for your politician elect. It was in the Joint British-Sino baldo over agreement. The Chinese politicians picked up their pens and signed it, therefore they have to abide by it. It's common sense.

    Would the Hong Kong people want Beijing to self elect the worse person for Hong Kong and the best person for Beijing? Absolutely not.

  4. I truly pray the US. and Britain stand between China and Hong Kong. I hope the democracies of the world pay attention and that these people willing to risk everything are too public for China to do their usual slaughter.

  5. Lord I pray for all that you protect all. Lord I pray china gives way to Hong Kong. Lord I pray all fight for freedom to chose you Lord. Lord I pray all darkness is brought to light. By your hand Lord guide your people to your grace. We Love you Father. In Jesus name Amen.

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