Muslims Clash with Israeli Police on Temple Mount as Muslim Holiday, Jewish Fast Coincide

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  1. I Love Israel ❤️ Shalom ❤️ LORD JESUS IS GOD ❤️ ADONAI JAHVE ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN !!! Read Bible old testament : Isaiah 53 , Zechariah, 12 : 10, Zechariah 14 : 4 , Zechariah 13 : 6, Psalms 22 : 18-19 , Daniel 7, Micah 5 : 2 and Isaiah 9 : 6-7 🤗 JESUS is everywhere in Old testament 😇 Repent Israel !!!

  2. I think when Damascus is destroyed and when God destroys Russian Turkish, Iranian. Libya and somillian armed forces. the musilm mosque on the temple mount will be destroyed and the jews will build their 3 rd temple. COMING SOON!

  3. Islam forbids anyone from praying on the temple mount except Muslims…wow what a tolerant cult< Abraham took Issac not Ishmael as a sacrifice…More proof Islam is not real

  4. Get it right Muslims!!! Funny how the whole world has the Bible but the Muslims have their own book that contradicts itself all the way through, while the Bible does not contradict itself anywhere. Just the fact that they go to Mecca to worship a cement block proves they are breaking the very first commandment that God gave to Moses. They are worshipping a graven image!!! You would think that they would be educated enough in the year 2019 to discern truth from lies. Apparently not.

  5. let's play spot the hebrew 😂

    love the way you freaks attempt to take on an identity which is obviously a fake one.

    fact of the matter is that you arrived on boats as asylum seeking refugees from germany and the caucasus where you attempted to also undermine the host as you have throughout history.

    jewish isn't a race

  6. Are thar getting kicked out of THE holey land for the RAPING and seeing the land of the juwes it qas,isacjek not Ishmael IT 2as isick you nead red this a gin and alli is a lier and mejomed is not God A the of A omega is in charged of THIS the,RAPING can't stay in this land at ALL

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