CBN NewsWatch PM: August 13, 2019

More violence erupts in Hong Kong as protestors massed inside the airport, forcing the cancellation of outbound flights for the second day in a row; The Trump Administration is moving forward with plans to enforce a ban that blocks abortion … …



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  1. china will kill the Christian protests, and hong kong , is subject to reeducation camps , the Chinese can easily take over and if hong kong doesn't worship supteme mao leder , they will be executed as one china policy doesn't allow freedom and Jesus not allowed , many deaths are lined up as to be used to terrorize the people by killing huge amounts quickly , china always kills those that oppose supreme leader

  2. hong kong is Christian, and china knows it, and hong kongers lives are all forfeited , because the peoplde of hong kong have lost their freedoms, and now are ants in the Chinese system, all who oppose die, slaughter will now occur in hong kong, thousands will be killed so the ones left will never rise up against china again, , say good bye to your hong kong friends and be prepared to go to vhinese re education camps if you live in china's hong kong, hong kong is an enemy to china therefore china paints free Christians in china as terrorists, it will allow the government not to have remorse over killing all who they can, they will kills thousands over a period of time , an then see who then resists and do it again until hong is subdued, because no one resists china government, it's china policy to kill anyone who resists supreme leader, really all china must come to aid of hong kong or never hope to ever see free china, sad chinrse have no hero's for faith or individuals that can rally the nation to change , Chinese are interested in control of lives and once your in that system like islam, you can't escape or they kill you , mass slaughter coming in hong kong, to remind all china supteme leader SAYS YOU DIE, THEN YOU DIE, SUPREME LEADER SAYS JUMP THEN YOU JUMP, poor Chinese, their only hope is Christians now rise up all over china stop the fall of hong kong

  3. virus is new world order code for give no antibiotics, there is no such thing as hiv/aids, it's really syphilis weaponized, they took syphilis , changed the name to hiv/aids and now have control over population growth, selective healings, experimentation, and depopulations weapon is hiv/aids, children are being denied anitibiotics, so they die, depopulation goals, they the doctors aren't friends they are high paid self seeking and if they get out of line with those that control the policies and goals, don't get to be doctors , its system, that controls doctors and the lies , superbugs don't exist, its a lie

  4. Lol.. you're apparently a A TERRORIST if you don't go do your slave job, and go speak out for your last few rights…. W R O N G, you're a TERRORIST when you try to use 'terror' tactics like "we're gonna release a whole military on you if you don't comply" what threat do we even pose as the un-armed general population against a military???? NONE. You could try listening and compromising instead of forcing your way leaders.

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