CBN NewsWatch AM: August 14, 2019

Could a recession hurt President Trump’s re-election chances?; growing tensions in Hong Kong could lead to crackdown by China; a possible fulfilled prophecy in Jerusalem?; Illinois passes law requiring LGBT history taught in schools; why Chick …



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  1. I think putting lgbtq history in schools is a disgrace to God & the American people! According to the Bible no homosexual will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven! But instead they going to burn in Hell Fire 🔥 for an eternity!!!! This is biblical said by God not me, God says it in his holy word!

  2. I can't wait to vote for Trump in 2020! I am going to be three Times tougher to take down a lot of pussyfooting TRUMP-HATERS! The war maybe on against them and but I am fighting hard like real warrior! Wait until I see them burn !!!🇺🇸🔥🐲🐉🗡🛡⚔🏹

  3. Trump wow not happy with him he just passed a bill not to save endanger animals because they cost too much so not of u wanna build on the endanger species you can if you wanna kill them he allowing it and anything to do with China we will get tax 10% more really trump thanks alot

  4. More anti Trump propaganda are you scared? Good that's what the deep state wants,because only crooked career politicians can save you,the price your freedom and your gun,and you will get everything free,yes stare at your TV and cell phone see how important it makes you feel,yes weak minded fools we have you under our power now,let the deep state tell you what is true,don't think, let us think for you,yes your sleepy just sleep,it is ok Uncle Joe will save us all,slave!

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