‘They’re Coming Home’: Hundreds of North American Jews Migrate to Israel in Prophetic Fulfillment

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  1. May Yeshuas Ruach HaKodesh meet you there, as you obey Keffas instruction found in Acts 2:38, repent, be water baptised in Yeshua's name , receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit evidenced by speaking in unknown tongues as the Ruach gives utterence. This was the fulfillment of the Prophets utterances of Joel 2:28. There is salvation in no other only Yeshua HaMashiach.

  2. Go on YouTube type in the (The Parable Of The Vineyard ,with Adam Fink , he has a lot of videos with lots of information All must be BORN AGAIN ,JEWS TO ,checkout (Parable of the Vineyard ,( and another brother ( Steven Ben-Nun, TYPE IN ISRAELUNEWSLIVE)HE TO IS JEWISH AND BELIEVES YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN THROUGH CHRIST ,HE & his wife had many videos with loads of information fascinating information for such as time is now please take time to link up to them to listen we all say thank you to the most high for his Mercy

  3. Genes 10:1-5 CLEARLY states who the Gentiles are among them are the Ashkenaz, so why is it that 80% of Jews Ashkenazi today??? When it’s stated in those verses they are Gentiles. How can they be Jews are even Semites (Shemites)????🤔🤔🤔

  4. Praise God thank you God You are mighty to be praised in Jesus name we thank you for the ingathering of the jewish people and in these end times Father we pray that they are remembered by all of your children that we should stand with them and pray for them and may they keep strength and peace beyond understanding and that they come to you through belief in your precious holy son Jesus Christ our Lord Hallelujah Hallelujah Amen

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