'We Need to Value Truth Over Feeling': Skillet's John Cooper Reacts to Christian Leaders Renouncing

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  1. i really love skillets music but i gotta say, hearing him talk about god and his faith in the christian religion makes me uniquely uncomfortable. puts their songs in a whole new light for me and i dont know how to react to that

  2. I love skillet. But I disagree. One of the most positive things about our times is the rise of atheism. Religion is blinding people and keeps them away from the truth. No hate for people who believe in god. If that makes them better humans so be it. But I hate with my whole heart religions. Religions are tricking people whith a fake truth about a powerfull father who loves us all and cetera in order to get more political power.

  3. Christians have been indoctrinated to believe anything no matter how ridiculous it is.
    They literally train themselves to not believe the truth and to go with magical thinking as a tribal group exercise.

    They’ll believe anything, except the truth.

    They’re so easily duped by the corporatists and the right wing it’s not even funny.

  4. So, you could actually make a Venn diagram comparing the ethics objectively outlined in the Christian New Testament and the results of a survey indirectly testing Christian individuals on those ethics to reveal whether they actually hold the given positions. I’d actually have to write the survey.

    “Do you believe bankers are greedy and hypocritical?”

    “Do you believe Jews are greedy and hypocritical?”

    And then I’ll compare the two. Etc.

  5. I honestly realised after many years that all you need to stay close to God is yourself, the Bible, various teachings and knowledge that backs it up, and a thorough analysis of what makes God and Jesus Christ so holy and powerful, as well as an inner drive to strive for the better good and for the truth as much as it is possible for you, and even impossible if you try hard enough.

    I personally dismiss the validity of the modern-day church and of many either fanatic, or completely disloyal christians. The church is full of gay priests and pedos as well as the Pope of Vatican that brings shame to the entire faith, and both types of christians i mentioned earlier are both just as bad, one would pull a knife on you to get you to believe, the other is a Christian but doesn't do any effort to keep God close to him.

    I write these as a philosophical, practicing occultist that does have Christian faith and does witness the power of God, Jesus and the angels in his works. Indeed i may not have the most righteous of ways, and i never claimed that, i always said i got a miserable shell covering a core of purity, but i do bow down before the Lord and pray to Him for guidance , wisdom, forgiveness and strength. That will never change, Skillet always was my favorite rock band and i fully agree with Jon Cooper, to all the Christian brothers and sisters , watch out who you look up to for guidance, anyone could become another Juda.. Ministers , priests, pastors, they can all renegate their holyness with ease nowadays, just look past the humans and up to God, that's all you need.

    And know that in all your prayers to God, God is choosing your words.

  6. John Cooper is a good man with a good heart. I also suspect that he has unresolved trauma from his youth, and that it is this same trauma that drives him toward his “faith.” I write “faith” because it is clear that John has a far better familiarity with the ideologically driven values, narratives, and language of the Christian subculture than any true comprehension of the width of God’s Love or the Mercy of Christ.

    And this is little different than those who end up in racially motivated or whites supremacist groups: people who have suffered deep trauma (and addictive tendencies) tend to be deeply rooted in dualistic ideologies.

    John deserves better than this; John is Made for More than this. But it is very hard to recognize that the way you’re seeing things can be improved (let alone, healed) when everyone around you is a variant of the same.

    Any person who speaks the way John does or believes that the Bible is the inerrant word of God is entrenched in a world view, not participating in any genuine, intellectually honest discussion about scripture or faith.

    To be fair: these people simply lack the confidence and comfort to be able to question very much that they’ve been handed at all. And why?

    Because THEY NEED the world to be stable due to their own lack of stability in their pasts.

    I have nothing but compassion and empathy for all—and certainly, for Mr. John Cooper. But gosh, I’d love to talk with him more about this for his own benefit. If he wants to reach me, reach out to our mutual friend, D. Duffield.

  7. "Truth over feeling" could mean and great number of things: LGBTQ2A or whatever being the first thing that came to my mind. A church down the road flies 20 rainbow flags but not a single US or Christian symbol is shown.

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