'Holy Spirit Overwhelmed Me': How This Gay Hollywood Designer Found Redemption and Freedom in Christ

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  1. My dad was always SUPER wary of our friends and their parents and only let us stay at friends houses once we were teenagers. He would always ask how it went, if we were ok. I never knew how scared of this world he was until I grew up and started hearing stories just like this one. I used to feel invincible until I had kids. Now I'm scared all the time.

  2. Gay Hollywood designer? Maybe a man created in the image of the Most High, but a sinner separated from his creator, was called and he heard the call. What a beautiful story. Our Dad said "hey you, follow me" and he did!

  3. This poor woman ☹️ She seems so uncomfortable and awkward, very unsure of herself; maybe this assignment is premature for her? She interrupted to ask him questions that he was sure to give the answer to had she not interrupted. Lol.

  4. So happy for him. He needs a platform to be able to share his testimony without the focus on the sin he was doing, but what God did and how this man was delivered from the lifestyle. Just the experience alone when the Holy Spirit overwhelmed him…that's the testimony!!!. He definitely needed more time, but I believe God will open that door at the right time.

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