News on The 700 Club: August 16, 2019

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  1. We do have a great economy and you guys are going to lose a lot of ratings by lying to comfort democrats. If you had sense try the real news. You will have a lot mores subscribers. How come you aren’t talking about all the jabs and harassment that the left does towards him. Your a joke. CBN NEWS ARE BIAS!!!!!!

  2. Is CBN going to become a biased lying New Station? Because they just lied to all of us. Here is the way it really went down. The 2 congresswomen wanted to go into Israel to start trouble. The president was in touch with the president and Israel stating that it would be not a good idea to allow them in because they are so against Israel and anti-Semitic. So Israel barred one of them and let the other one for Humanity reasons come in to see her grandma. But after she was granted permission to enter Israel that is when she decided that she was not going to go. But is that what CBN just told us no it is not why CBN are you becoming a lier like the father you follow? Be careful what information you get and where it comes from there are those in the news that are willing to lie no matter what. Even on the Christian Broadcast Network.

  3. Wa party of no misaels s,aloud we have matters is fact that the RUCHSA has BIN charged with war CRIMES AIGEST his ON POPLE nd the matter of 4 gmas can destroy A lot more than nuckler cam touns of nuckler MISAEL MISAEL o matter is going to Dr fuecs the nuckler wast STOCK piles now get the STOCK pillars removed defourcs the toxin s

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