Faith Under Fire, Christian Leaders Forsaking the Church, & Unity in Hong Kong

Millions of Nigerian Christians have been forced to flee their homes by the ISIS-inspired terrorist group Boko Haram, but they’re not giving up the faith or their dreams for the future.

Chinese Christians gather in Hong Kong to show unity and plans for the future.

One Christian songwriter responds to an alarming trend…why are popular Christian leaders struggling with their faith?
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  1. To Wendy Griffith on Christian Broadcast Network news station. Please do not become like the biased fake news like ABC CNN CBS and NBC they twist their words and omit words to deceive. The other day I was listening to you record about these two Muslim Congress women why need to go into Israel and you said and I quote that Israel denied them entrance. That was not entirely true you omitted part of the truth. I will take it that you did it by accident but if it happens again I will be on alert to see if you have become like these other biased news stations. This is the truth news about what happened one of them was denied entrance the other one was given permission to enter to see her grandma but only to see her grandma after she was told this she decided not to go. When you report a story reported completely truthful otherwise you're no better than these other fake biased news stations whether you're on the Christian broadcast network or not. I will be watching don't let us the Christian viewers down !

  2. Skillet is on the soundtrack to that blasphemous movie the shack. If they have any say so about it, that should end. If they do control it, and did it anyway, then they are just as responsible for that horrible movie as all the others involved.

  3. Why are Christian's struggling with their faith: because they don't spend time renewing their minds by reading and studying the Holy Bible, Genesis to Revelation.. in every page Jesus is shown, through prayer, study is truth found, every word is God inspired, God said it, that ends it.. and we are supposed to be supporting the Jews and giving the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah (found 1 Corinthians 15) the only begotten Son of God and the only way to be saved..

  4. Am Nigeria living in abroad now,due not from the northern part but from the east I can feel the plight of my Christian brothers and sisters,,,it brings tears to my eyes at the level of wickedness in d heart of Nigeria leaders at the rate of Christians persecutions in d north…God comfort them and others in other countries as we left them in prayers.

  5. Jesus warned everyone persecution would come on those who followed him just like they persecuted HIM!

    Pray for the protection of the afflicted in Christ Jesus and rejoice that biblical prophecy is still coming to pass and will continue to come to pass until the return of our faithful Lord Jesus

  6. Take Out JESUS.
    and you Take Out Hope and Freedom with in.
    Which Becomes depression
    Which Can be Controlled in Slavery.
    JESUS Said, Worry not What Man Does to the Body But GOD Does to the Soul.
    in other words,.
    Rejecting JESUS is Worse then Death.
    In JESUS Thier can Only be LIFE.

  7. In 1826 Theophilus Conneau was told the following by a muslim prince named Ama-De-Bella."The Koran permitted the sale of their bondservants, and from that source many were yearly exchanged for European goods, which in turn supplied them with the means of carrying on the wars commanded by the Secret Book–to conquer and subjugate all tribes to the true faith." A Slavers Log Book, by Theophilus Conneau, page 83.
    From this we learn the following.
    (1) The Muslims have a secret book which commands them to wage war against non Muslims.
    (2) They combined this with the teaching of the Koran to capture and sell slaves to Europeans.
    (3) The Muslims are continuing this war in the Central African Republic, Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia and Sudan.
    We can infer, that like during slavery, the Muslims are being armed by Europeans.
    There will never be peace in Africa until the Muslim militias are destroyed. These are religious fanatics. You cannot reason with them. African governments must put together an Pan African Military Force and destroy the Muslim Militias.

  8. We can give aid to all of these non culturally unable to assimilate or respect western culture people's who hate Western Civilization & who want to blow us up who get into our Congress and are anti Semites and hate America/Europe, but we can't give a to these Christians who are displaced and have had their children, parents & homeland stolen from them. Not a word from mainstream media. Myanmar kicks out its Muslims & the world has a heart attack. This is ridiculous.

  9. The falling away of the church…..RAPTURE come quickly…saved by GRACE alone. Jesus Christ is Lord…came to save me from sin…died for my sins…buried… resurrected on the 3rd day…..and will return again……AMEN.

  10. Brother Cooper – you are correct. We should not come to church to be entertained, we come to church to worship God and Jesus Our Lord and Savior. Churches have falsely used entertainment to bring money in and have forgotten to save people in the Spirit! Let truth come out! Church leaders and those who lead song worship – you must decrease and Jesus must increase! Look to the Word of God to grow in Faith!

  11. Yes great coverage…I wish the songs we sang in church today …spoke to God, not about me, and about God's glory and wonder, We come not to a concert but to honour Him and praise Him.

  12. I want to share my thoughts on Marty Sampson and others like him whose faith is on shaky ground. 
    If you don't know who he is just Google his list of songs. 
    I am seeing so many posts about it from believers who sound exactly like the other brother. 
    We don't know what Marty has seen. We need to give him and others like him some grace. 
    I don't know him personally. But I know he was traveling and writing for Hillsong United since he was a teenager. 
    His statement about his faith being on shaky ground started with "pastors fall and nobody talks about it." 
    As I said we do not know what he has seen. I have seen stuff in church like cover ups of suicides and affairs and worse things that I cant post in public. 
    When people leave church or question their faith the spiritually abusive will always say keep your eyes on the Lord. 
    Yes we should but its not an excuse to abuse or lie or cover up abuse.
    I AM NOT INTO COVER UPS. The bible says Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.
    in Ephesians 5:11
    At some point pastors who are abusing people have to be accountable and not just use the cop out keep your eyes on Jesus, why so you can keep abusing? Here are some scriptures that apply to pastors ——–
    2 Timothy 4:2
    Acts 20:28
    1st Peter 5:1-4
    Titus 1:5-9
    1st Timothy 3:1-13
    Jesus is the center of our faith not our church.
    But if they were never taught that and taught blind obedience they don't know how to keep their eyes on Jesus. 
    You should pray for him and others in that situation and keep this verse in mind. For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you.
    Romans 12:3 
    Also the fighting among believers over doctrinal issues is something that Marty mentioned. Everybody thinks they are right. That is where grace comes in. We are supposed to be accountable to the Lord for ourselves not others. 
    If you are a pastor you can teach what you perceive to be sound doctrine which has most likely changed over the years but it is not helpful for you to criticize the Lord's servant but to stand in the gap when people are down! 
    Especially when you don't know them! Judging them only pushes them and others further away! But it applies to everyone.

  13. I would reexamine the past teachings of these so called christian "leaders" there has to to be heresy and lies in their teachings mixed with truth and look at pastors who haven't left for red flags , that's what the Bereans did as recorded in the book of Acts

  14. Watch THIS the POWER of THE Lord is going move on and the Armey will FALL DOWN and the spirit of the Elavil MEN will be cast out of the Armey the food will be plant for as the God for you armer TO DESTROY the wicked and to show you how you devind YOU

  15. Revelation 1:1 The Revelation of Christ Jesus, which God gave unto him, to show unto His servants things which must shortly come to pass; and He sent and signified [it] by His angel unto His servant John:

    Christians that worship Jesus as God need to turn to the Father and confess their sin. They, God and Christ are unified in having this common understanding.

  16. It’s so messed up that Westerners keep getting it wrong.
    You don’t even know enough to comment much less put it in your show, really. It’s just been going on for so long it’s slightly attracted your attention but not enough to really delve deeply into.

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