CBN NewsWatch PM: August 27, 2019

On CBN Newswatch PM Aug. 27: Lawmakers in California held a hearing today on a controversial resolution that some say condemns religious leaders who oppose homosexuality; Nineteen states and DC file lawsuit against new Trump Admin immigration …

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  2. The. door is truely closing the Church. grafting in the gentiles period right before our eyes is closing just as our Lord said "I will not always work with the gentiles I will turn back to the natural branches and graft them back in This is a prophecy happening right before our very eyes the Church is becoming more and more unsound. lethargic and the Jews eyes are being anointed straight from the scriptures folks

  3. The fact that those indulging the demonic perversions brought on by 'transferred' or 'inherited' spirits ALSO seek 'indulgences' from a church & for the pastor/counselor to condone their lifestyle is just as much a sin in God's eyes to "lead those little ones (immature and/or untaught) astray" by misguided or pressured opinions. The Word of God is quite clear (Romans Ch.1) about this. If those people's demons have to be petted, let it not be by a Believer! If they don't like hearing the pure Word taught, those lgbttwxyz can sashay out of that church and start their own cult, imo. They should've been taught what sin is, preached under conviction, repented and gotten delivered of all demonics.

  4. Everyone has a sexual orientation your only hope is to claim that you're Bi-bleSexual and you express your sexuality with chastisement and you have a right to punish yourself for the way God Made You.

  5. California and LGB they're offended ? I am totally offended what about my rights!! In the Bible this is what it means by putting on your armor !! God was here long before we were created !!! As history shows

  6. Re: Dan Gainor's commentary – he's right, as we've all watched the increase of the TV newscasters preening… like Hollywood actors… because they really are just puppets of their owners, who pay them to parrot the 4 a.m. 'talking points' fed to them daily by the deepstate/globalists. They want us to be their fans and 'worship' them. Watch youtube.

  7. Hey – – Jesus didn’t call it LGBTQ – – He called them HOMOSEXUALS. Let’s look at the STATISTICS a little closer and notice what PERCENTAGE OF HOMOSEXUALS COMMIT “” SUICIDE “” Every week – Every year. But then again- – Let’s not offend them…

  8. "Because you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings. My soul clings to you; your right hand upholds me. They who seek my life will be destroyed; they will go down to the depths of the earth. They will be given over to the sword and become food for jackals." Psalm 63:7-10.

  9. Pastor Dan obviously doesn't get it. Christians love all hence tell them what God wants as He is the judge to decide regarding salvation eternal life. These people have a quarrel with God. God's law is….GOD'S LAW NOT OURS TO CHANGE! EVEN GOD GIVES FREEDOM TO ALL TO CHOOSE no one can be forced to obey God doesn't work!!!

  10. America = Babylon the great read your bibles and turn to God before you get judged for her sins Jeremiah 51:6 "Flee from Babylon! Run for your lives! Do not be destroyed because of her sins. It is time for the LORD's vengeance; he will repay her what she deserves.

  11. The truth is the word of God says if they continue in their sins they will not go to Heaven….If the preachers don't tell the them the truth they will be held accountable….My prayers are for those preachers that preach the truth about sin no matter what.

  12. That Pastor better wake up he’s a snowflake next step being throw in jail like socialist country’s that’s what happens when you vote for liberals and very ungodly politicians wake up they don’t even know the constitution and the bill of rights

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