CBN NewsWatch PM: September 4, 2019

On CBN Newswatch PM Sept.4: rescue efforts are underway in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian left a trail of destruction across the island nation; Britain’s parliament faced a second straight day of political turmoil today as lawmakers fought …



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  1. Hurricane Irma is like a Pony. Her name is Cassiandra. Hurricane Maria is Zelda and she is Bird-like. Zelda was also Hurricane Florence.

    Each kind of Spirit has a different purpose. The Chevron can do somersaults and can reach far below the surface to dislodge anything the Highest wants.
    Bird-like Spirits are mostly wind and can fly quickly to another destination to destroy with wind.
    Pony-like Spirits can turn over when the LORD asks them to do so. This is storm surge.

    There are many more for later.

    These Spirits are actually Megacanes which are like typhoons.

  2. All Megacanes come with a thousand or more Spirits within them. The next largest spirits within Florence and Dorian were dogs. I saw a chow within Florence, chows kind of screech. There was extreme flooding in the Carolinas.
    Within Dorian there was also a dog.
    Michael was total destruction without much water in some places. Maria same. These Spirits come forward upon the Will of the LORD and Jesus Christ. The Wrath is the Power of the Almighty. The Angels roll them out by setting their paths.

    Then there is the Drama Queen, her name is Patsy.

  3. Trump must repent and move not by might nor by power but by the Spirit of the Lord. America can never be great without God. Trump to be humble before the Lord Jesus restores everything good. Never use God's name in vain for selfish gain and pride.

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