The Global Lane – September 5, 2019

Afghanistan war nears an end. Are Afghan better off? Congress back in Washington–meaningful immigration reform coming? CEO’s push social responsibility, but what about biblical responsibility? Anchor babies. Time to end U.S. birthright citizenship?



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  1. USA can solve Afghanistan solution by giving highest wages to english speaking like natural english born alumni Afghans highest ranks and let them solve Afghanistan's motorways, infrastructure problems and defects with the help of American governments helps to resolve degrading economic and infrastructure problems of that country. Never ever let Afghans talk about their situations and let all Afghans to work at road pavements, water and sewage systems constructions resolving situations as fast problems and let Afghan English speaking fluently citizens to travel the world and live lavishly rather than fight for nonesense situations of beard lovers and veil, hijab worshippings. USA must give one of the relatively highest moetary gains to agricultural workers and land owners in order to live their best lives and let the Afghan people see and perceive how agricultural and irrigations , cow recruiting and meat wholesaling trades are crucial for their lives. Also foreign meats must be wellcome from Argentina, Brasil, USA, Europe etc. Let most Afgahns obese with more than 260 pounds citizens of the world, both women and men's weight and never let them make wars anymore. Giveaway or sell at very rebated prices 2nd below 2010 American automatic transmission , cruise controlled cars, fully loaded trucks to Afghans to live their best lives with the american way of living like Bahrainis, Omanis with most of their cars American cars and trucks.2nd hand cars are sold beginning from 3000USD even 700 USDs in the USA states so do the same and sell at those prices to Afghans. Afganistan on the other hand has huge deposits of gold mines needed to be extracted so while dealing with the Afghans, American conglomerates must get into those gold mining issues and work 24 hours 365 days to extract those golds immediately from Afghan soil. Never ever let Afghans to cross their borders to Pakistan, India, even to Australia by boats, they are very dangerous people. Pakistan has open buffet ammunition open bazaars in many of their cities in their land. Let Afghans see green pastures, green parks with large rivers , large lakes to have their bicycles and wander with their loved ones and forget wars. Build basketball , football, american football arenas for them. During my settlements and stayings , visits with the duration of 2 years in the USA, I had spent 57.000 USD all alone in the USA cities , towns, 10 rented cars, hotels those I overnighted during my 1995, 2000, 2014 USA cities' settlements. My cousin had spent 5 years of worktime in Missouri State University Hospital and earned his living in St Louis as radiologist prof.dr. now in Abu Dhabi working.

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