Are Israel’s Upcoming Elections Really a Referendum on Netanyahu?

Israeli PM flies to London to meet Britain’s PM and US defense secretary to discuss danger of Iran; plus Israelis get ready for national elections for the second time within months; and United Hatzalah – Israel’s innovative answer to emergency care.
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  1. Rhetoric Of Iran is the key of Netanyahu's success for decades while protecting the Criminal Kingdom of AL SAUD.!! Focus on Corruption by Netanyahu and his corrupt elites.! Kingdom of Bani Israel have no room for corrupt and criminal politicians of any kind.!! Be aware.! Kingdom of Bani Israel is here to Stay.!! Clean the mess you have created.!! Not every Jew is a millionaire and not every millionaire is a Jew.!! I'm just a Hebrew.!! Get out of my way I have Mountain to climb.!! Any found guilty punishment will be harsh and devastating.!! REPENT.!!

  2. BIBI 👍👍…. Robert Mawire prophesied twice on Netanyahu the first time Netanyahu didn't listen and gave up God's land  (   Robert turns to Netanyahu and tells him “I have placed you in this position, says the Lord. Do not give up my land. If you do give up my land, I will remove you from this position )  Netanyahu was removed from office just as God said would happen… but God sent Robert Mawire a second time to Netanyahu and said ( “you will once again become Prime Minister of Israel. If you honor His covenant that He made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, regarding Israel, He will honor you and exalt you. But if you disregard His covenant and give away His land, He will dishonor you. Be strong and of good courage, for unto this people you shall divide an inheritance, the land that I swore to their fathers that I would give them.
    Do not ever negotiate land for peace… God is not done with you. You will be Prime Minister again in a critical time of history.”)    THIS TIME NETANYAHU LISTENED AND HAS BEEN THE PRIME MINISTER EVER SINCE……

  3. I am an American, and I don't want my tax dollars going to Israel anymore. Supporting Israel has screwed up our foreign policy in the Middle East,. Israel has been a consistent diplomatic embarrassment that has damaged the reputation of the United States abroad. We have used our security council veto 43 times in the United Nations to shield them.

    Aid to Israel costs us too much money. Their claims of being "our greatest ally" are absurd. Why wasn't "our greatest ally" part of the coalition of 35 countries that supported the United States in the Gulf War?

    They sell weapons technology to the Chinese.

    The Mossad intentionally gives misleading and alarmist intelligence reports to American Congressmen in order to manipulate US foreign policy in their favor.

    And their lobbyists have a had a toxic influence on American politics. People in Texas had to promise not to boycott Israel before they could get hurricane aid.

    Israel has had ten billion or so yearly budget surplus for years so they can do without American aid.

    Military aid to Israel is illegal under American law because Israel has nuclear weapons and has not signed the Nuclear on-proliferation treaty. (Symington amendment)

    I can provide links to prove all this if you need them.


  4. Who is the President of Israel and why are we not hearing from him. Maybe they are ruled by deep state war mongers, and the PM is running their state. No Prime Minister should be above the President.

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