CBN NewsWatch PM: September 11, 2019

On CBN Newswatch PM Sept. 11: Leaders in Washington D.C. honored the lives of those lost 18 years ago on 9/11; After President Trump fired John Bolton Tuesday, many are trying to guess who will be his replacement.
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  1. Most of this broadcast brought me peace.
    However when it came to Miss America speaking. I thought to myself."dang, I'm sick of people yelling about color". if people would stop yelling black yellow purple pink white. Racism would go away.
    I am so disgusted!

  2. The idea of vaping was suppose to be a healthier alternative to smoking. It’s not. Nebulizers vaporize herbs and helps lungs and immunity. Vaping tobacco is not the same. They consume a lot more nicotine with a vaporizer.

  3. What is the difference between the Apostles and the Pastors after Them? Answer: the Apotles voluntered. They had unconditional Faith and Love for YAHSHUA Hamashiach. Even willing to Die for. But Pastors today claims They were called, some Voluntered. But where is that unconditional Faith and Love for YAHSHUA Hamashiach. Most of Them wont Die for, or Died for the Faith. They burned-out or, like now, Commit Suicide. So! Are They really called, or Voluntere for Jobs and Money? Clearly, no Faith or little Faith. And YAHSHUA Hamashiach isnt the centre of Their lives all the while

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