'This is Going to Come to America': Evangelist Forced to Flee Denmark and Seek Asylum in US

‘This is Going to Come to America’: Evangelist Forced to Flee Denmark and Seek Asylum in US



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  1. He's a master deceiver. Claiming to calling people out of the box of instuitional churchianity and religious glasses while he himself builds his own institutionalized ministry system with his own religious glasses. A typical behavior of cult leaders. His tongues da-da-da is not a real tongues, myself speaking in tongues. He's an emotionalist and an experiencist, not a solid Bible teacher. He actually mocks and downplays the Bible in one of his Pioneer School teaching. Following only those prophecies he likes while some prophecies he boasted with before us never came true. He teaches not to compromise while he himself compromises in gender roles. Teaches a works based salvation (salvation by discipleship) not Christ Crucified. Teaches repentant full immersion while he himself did not get immersed after his repentance. Teaches against shaking kundalini while his "born again experience" was simply a slain in the spirit, not a mourning over his sins and believing in the sacrifice Jesus made for us. Though some part of the discipleship stuff he teaches is needed, stay away from TLR after you learned the disciple life. And ladies, be the helpmeet to a man who needs you, and don't run away and become a busybody just because Torben hyped you into discipleship by his emotionalism.

  2. As followers of Yahshua we are to be persecuted and prosecuted. And , so be it, as a follower of the Truth, the Life and the Way I'll take being persecuted and life forever in YHWH'S Kingdom over an eternity of torment in hell.

  3. yeah funny thing about this guy he would go to sick people in the hospital and try to convert them to his church so in fact he was targeting vulnerable people
    now try to think of a Muslim doing the same going around and trying to convert sick people in the hospital yeah not so innocent

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