CBN NewsWatch PM: September 13, 2019

On CBN Newswatch PM Sept. 13: The White House has just weeks left to decide how many refugees the US will admit next year; A delegation of US Evangelical Christian leaders visited Saudi Arabia; Bahamas has issued a tropical storm warning as … …



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  1. Tsunami hitting the East Coast

    SEP 29, 2018

    In May 2016, I had the vision of Tsunami hitting the East Coast. I saw nearly all of FL underwater. This sister is right, that there will be no warning, much of the Eastern Seaboard will be gone too. NYC will be destroyed, NJ and RI underwater as will much of the coast line will be underwater. No food will come by ship because the ports will be gone. Gulf Coast States will also lose ground to the water surge. It will cause water to flow up the Mississippi River and an Earthquake will divide it causing the country to be divided by two parts. The bridges will fall into the River. Other rivers that connect to it will also be affected.

    FL has principalities of Hedonism, Poverty and PRIDE! It is a lawless state, if people knew the underlying depravity they would hardly believe it. God hates Pride especially.

    I live outside of Orlando. I asked the Lord should I leave FL? He told me after much prayer – NO, he said that death will be swift and merciful. My situation is unique so I am not saying that others should stay, I am saying to ask the Lord his will for YOU and Your Family.

    Here is why -I have also seen the destruction that will follow on the heels of the Tsunami and the devastation that will place Americans in a daily battle for survival. I do believe that to die now would be merciful for me (I have many health challenges and no family). Ultimately, food will be scarce as will water. There will be little gov’t support and the country will be taken over by another very powerful enemy. Military Rule will dominate and most will submit and no one will know who they should trust (as it says in Matthew 10:34-36 “34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. 35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. 36 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.” The mark will be swiftly put in place at this time. These things will happen quickly and no communication like the internet or telephones, etc will be available. Families will be separated and unable to reconnect. Many will die but no search will be done (because of the millions that are missing). Disease will be abound as will all types of vermin and insects. Medical care will be unavailable in many regions and death will come as a result. It will not be a time of rejoicing though many will repent and accept Christ. When you read Revelations with this in mind, it is very clear that this could be reality (I know it will because of my visions). REPENT and FORGIVE! Jesus is coming back for the 5 wise Virgins!! Have your lamp full!

    Please share this others. I have tried to distribute this and the enemy has been very persistent in stopping my warning to the point of deleting my hard drive and thumb drive and disconnecting my computer etc.

    Pray for this sister, myself and others that are trying to get the word out! Many people are seeing FL underwater but this goes so much further. Here in Orlando, nearly all the churches are infiltrated with wolves. It is amazing to me the level of deception that exists! On the surface, Orlando seems so family oriented. Its dark side is so terribly wicked, I have begged God for many years to leave…

  2. Look at what just happened in the Bahamas!!
    Yang says that our problem is AI not immigrants-
    Really the
    Philippines and Canada are very generous. The Filipinos took people during WWII that no one else would take- they saved thousands of White Russians

  3. That is the end for me watching CBN I can see now that they have been bought out by the Democrat Party as well. These are not refugees stop calling them that they are Invaders they are illegal immigrants. This is a message to all the churches that are crying because they're not able to give these illegal Invaders Aid have you not read where it says in the Bible that you must first pluck the plank from your own eye or where it says that a blind man cannot lead another blind man lifts they both fall. Start taking care of the American Children and Families all over our country there are American citizens that could use your help. That is what you should be doing in the name of Jesus. Stop making and using your church for political gain because you support the Democratic Party. From now on I will not watch this news channel goodbye this has been a message from a Vietnam vet that is also a Christian and has supported the 700 Club for many years goes to show even our churches are being politically motivated.

  4. I can understand carefully considering & protecting true refugees, especially protecting Christians, but there are "Christians" who support illegal aliens coming into the country. Anyone supporting that is aiding the Globalist Agenda which is unbiblical & supporting Satan's Agenda.

  5. There are genuine cases but when a country has filled with refugees it is difficult to take such a massive numbers again it should not be used to get votes come to power The democrats need to cooperate with Trump administration they must be a responsible opposition and cooperate with the ruling party long time this was heritage of America How sad they are imitating other 3world countries

  6. Yeah, about that… we loved our neighbor here in San Bernardino ca – we worked with these “Muslims” and gave the female a baby shower – What we got back? A mass shooting by her and her husband !!! FORGET IT ! I will never forget this as my daughters school was on lock down while it was all taking place – we will never be the same ! You can forget our family’s support !

  7. There are many ways to help refugees but suggesting the only way is immigration is a myth. In fact, many refugees are helping the democrats who are atheist and Christian-hating-Godless Marxist who push third trimester abortions, homosexuality and many other sins

  8. Keep your hand in the band and one in the sand
    Cause the middle man needs to please fans
    They say divided we fall united we stand
    Yet will faith be found by the son of man. If you wanna take the island sink the ship skippers.

  9. Why are you afraid to say it God made marriage for a man and a woman anything else is an abomination. Are the archeological sites of Sodom and gommora with the highest sulfur readings in the world of any ruins found not evidence enough for them. I pray they open theyre eye's before the 🔥 falls again. Seek salvation in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord for he loves you so much he died for you 💘

  10. Nadine I dont think most refugees are chrstians but islam . At least in canda i dont think hardly any are christians but lots and lots of muslims are coming and wanted by trudeau who doesnt like nationionalists and canadians

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