Why Evangelical Delegation Met Saudi Leaders on Eve of 9-11 Anniversary 9/13/19

Why did Evangelical Christian leaders meet Saudi leaders on the eve of the 9-11 Anniversary?; plus Netanyahu riles the Arab world with a campaign pledge to annex the Jordan Valley; and we ask Israeli voters in Tel Aviv who they’ll choose.



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  1. Tel Aviv is majority left leaning and religiously secular. Bibi and the Likud Party will win for a second time this year, the question is whether he is able to put together a right wing coalition. Earlier this year he came up short. Too many smaller parties on the right that did not meet the threshold so their right wing votes were wasted and didn't count.

  2. Saudi Arabia is only interested in gaining ways to bury Iranian agression.
    I would like to know exactly who these blind "evangelicals" really are! Islam is Islam, practicing what the Koran & their perfect Mohommad command. Islam still practices slavery, total domination of women, honor-killing, child brides. Any report on how many foreign workers are brought in to work jobs they don't get paid for? The fortunate ones figure a way to get back to their homelands, some end up murdered by their employers, buried, hidden, etc. Yes, the salvation in Jesus Christ is offered to all, but 1st comes hearing the Word, then repentance, just like it says in Acts 2:38. How many of those Christians visiting Saudi Arabia have even entered into Acts 2;38 themselves? Can't share what you don't already possess. It would be like the blind attempting to lead the blind.

  3. God say to Joshua Where you jour feet plant thats your land. God is to day the same God.
    Israël must step her feets on the Westbank….. its YOUR LAND / promissed by God / it is land from Your God Ex 4:22‼️The God from the Bible !

  4. God bless the Evangelical leaders and the Sunnis for getting together and working on how to bring peace not just in Middle East but all over Earth.
    PEACE is the key, and Let's help each other get there. Hopefully, we could make peace with Afghanistan and help that country grow prosper. THEY DESERVE PEACE, BUT THEY CAN'T BE KILLING OUR SOLDIERS IN VAIN. Hope the Sunni leaders could help us close that gap, MR TRUMP would really appreciate all efforts that lead towards peace.
    Love you BIBI.

  5. Go ahead to take back all the land the God has promised to Abraham,Issac and Jacob. Don't disobey and annul this promise that God has given you now. He is before and behind you as you obey Him than sacrifice. Never forget your ancestors and your history as a jew. God always keep his promises and blessing Israel. Other nations are also bless through you. To God be the Glory.

  6. If people are watching this and believing Trump and these sadistic leaders are really trying to help us, then they haven't found the truth yet!!!! REPENT AND BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST FOR THE FORGIVENESS OF SINS AND RECEIVE THE HOLY GHOST!!!¡

  7. Sunni Saudi Arabia, is the very same Islam as Iraq Saddam Hussein, and Libya Mohammar Qadaffi and you Evangelicals murdered both of them. And you want a War with Iran who are Shia Muslims who are a Democracy. I say you people are insane complicit terrorists and murderers.

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