CBN NewsWatch AM: September 16, 2019

New accusations backtracked against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Saudi’s work to repair damage to oil refinery after attack, helping pastors deal with pain, Jonathan Cahn’s new book “The Oracle” uses fiction to detail …

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  1. I have never once heard a prayer done by Johnathan Kahn that says Jesus is the son of God & that he came in the flesh, died & rose again on 3rd day & went to the father. Look on all his videos n see if u can find one.

  2. Dems oppose him because he's a fair judge! Hate is consuming the left, and therefore, law abiding citizens are feeling it. I believe we are in the last days, and I'm ready for Jesus's return. Things are moving way too fast, and only God can walk us through it.

  3. Rich drunken frat boy who can't handle his beer. He loves beer. BS fake news by trump swamp, inside trump hit job to blame Iran. Jesus you don't know. Hypocrisy from white Evangelicals. We do not lock children in cages, we don't separate children from families. No response needed, it won't be read. Thank you Lord, please make these hypocrit's see their erroneous ways, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

  4. My reason for my first comment
    drinking alcohol, this chemistry in the brain is interrupted, and our neurotransmitters begin to have a hard time functioning as they normally do for our thought processes, behavior, and emotions. .
    No matter still beer drunk.

  5. Monty theres no suicidal spirit . That is so offensive . We should boast in our weaknesses Romans says and not condescend to people whose brain isnt working right . A broken leg spirit sounds just as ignorant !!!!!! shame on Cbn for saying that on air !!!

  6. So-called 'Rabbi' Kahn… first of all, Jesus said call no man Rabbi. Secondly, instead of preaching the true Gospel, we're supposed to be concerned about secret codes and names and secret oracles. Really, I think not. Repent and believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the main message. But I think that's too tame of a message for people who are looking for the next new revelation from God.

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