CBN NewsWatch AM: September 17, 2019

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  1. 3:08 America doesn't say that Iran attacked the oil refinery POMPEO said that and Netanyahu and the Jerusalem Post and they are all such satanic Liars…. and this tells us that the Israeli Mossad and the CIA attacked the oil refinery I'm sure of it

  2. Can you please do a piece on using WATER for FUEL separating the Oxygen Atom from H20 would leave 2 Atoms (per water molecule!) of Hydrogen to capture and use for Fuel! Pollution ZERO if solar panels created the electricity necessary for the electrolysis process of separating the water molecule. I know – I know too much information and that makes me a target for asassination/elimination and my time is probably short because I have been vocal about this topic, which is sad because I have Children but I'm doing it for them and the Creator so I'm justified in my Heart. It's humanity's only option before Carbon Emissions Destroy this Planet! Or the GREED of oil money destroys it first. They can store Hydrogen safely in Hydride but it's illegal to buy but people can make it. Watch *Man runs Chevy Corvette on Water on You Tube to see for yourself how a rudimentary system can work. Praise Yah! HalleluYah! HalleluYahshua! It would eventually lead to less wars, it should be a goal/mission. We need public awareness and CBN would be an ideal platform to reach millions with this good news! An internal combustion engine would run off straight Hydrogen with proper modification until they started mass producing fuel cells. Think of replacing Diesel Exhaust!!!! It's unnecessary with today's technology. What about coal burning power plants? Can't we burn Hydrogen to fuel the Generators? Not to mention gasoline and the common car/van/truck/suv. Spread the good news and let's Pay this Planet forward before we hand down a destroyed Creation to our future generations. Thank You for your time for reading this far

  3. Torbin’s struggles are a warning of what’s to come in our own country. It’s already beginning. Churches and pastors are being targeted by places like California to conform to the laws that prevent them practicing their faith or be prosecuted. It’s just beginning, folks, it’s just beginning. Are we entering the end times? Only God knows, but the current events certainly are signals of challenges and battles to come for Christians and Christianity as a whole throughout the world. 2 Timothy Chapter 3 speaks clearly of today’s world.

  4. I am so sorry not to line up behind Mr. Sondergaard. His mission is based on the Book of Acts including all his pioneering sessions broadcast so he should know that it is not just about healings but serious persecution and neither Paul nor other apostles or disciples cried or begged for help, but were happy for suffering persecution for Christ. It is totally unbiblical to demonstrate our self-pity online. Persecution is a sign that your faith is genuine. KJV, Matthew 5.11 …Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you,….for my sake, 5.12 REJOICE and be EXCEEDING glad; for great is your reward in heaven….”

  5. Anyway how can a Christian broadcasting company say that a Christian pastor would lose their reputation, when true faith never was, has never been and never will be popular in this world? Are you pleasing men or God?! And what if he does not get back his reputation! Is not God bigger and sovereign to make the impossible possible? Just we have to believe ii! What has he believed so far then! I will pray for him to get his faith back to trust in God because what happens to him is from God!

  6. We come together through the power of prayer and believe for our Father in heaven to let His will be done on Earth as it is in the heavens.
    Be merciful to all your children in your created world.
    Maranatha! YESHUA COME!
    A watch woman in the world.💯🙌🙏

  7. Trump. In the ✝️Bible. The last trump ,,,(❌trump the last America president ❌)::: soon they’ll destroy America , and nuke the world 🌎. It’s in the Bible. Then we’ll get to see Jesus Christ our savior king 👑. They hate us Christians. And trump god bless every Christian on earth 🌍. Praying for hurricane victims in Bahamas 🇧🇸 too. I pray for Israel to keep the president ❗️

  8. Even Jesus slipped out when the people sought to stone Him, so I think the pastor did the right thing to protect himself and his family. Peter and Silas prayed, and they were set free. God allowed this family to have $$ to buy a ticket away from there. A lot of us can’t even handled being talked about let alone threatened imprisonment and child removed. God bless you and your family sir. I pray all turns out well for you. Stay strong in Christ.

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