Abortionist Testifies That Babies Likely Born Alive in Abortion to Harvest Their Body Parts for Sale

Abortionist Testifies That Babies Likely Born Alive in Abortion to Harvest Their Body Parts for Sale

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  1. If you become pregnant but can't afford to raise a child then get an ab0rtion .
    I do not want my tax dollars going to fund foster care and welfare programs to support children born to (irresponsible) parents who reproduced when they couldn't afford to raise a child

  2. Prayers to those innocent babies! Prayers to the women who allowed the abortion. The Lord will forgive those who truly repent . Hearts can be broken but restored by our Father in heaven ! God bless and touch hearts today !

  3. Abortion will never be truly abolished as long as society continues to tolerate any form of artificial contraception and the contraceptive mentality in general. After all, abortion is the inevitable backup when those fail.

  4. 🛡🕊⚔️🔥Lawlessness has Consequence 🇺🇸American, One is the Loss Of Sons and Daughters To Opioids & Sexual Diseases, Mental& Social Degeneration, Sexual Predators,🇺🇸Financial Ruin, Mental Illness’s and Suicide , Continued Fruits Of your 🇺🇸 National Faithlessness 🔥🐝🔥

  5. The people in this country nerd to stop abortion and those low life people at Planned Infancide need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. This country needs to be brought to its knees in the worst way to pay for its sins. The good for nothing Churches that have stood silent on this issue needs to split HELL wide open, they are an abomination.

  6. How do we justify the benefits society receives from the research companies that purchase these fetuses?! It is not just the mother nor the doctor! If we are going to blame them then we are all to blame because cancer research, vaccine research, brain research etc all involves the use of these aborted fetuses as they found its better than a chicken egg! Our society is to blame because medical research has used these aborted babies in the name of medical advancement! That’s why they push back so hard on pro-life!

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