CBN NewsWatch AM: September 24, 2019

CBN NewsWatch AM: September 24, 2019

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  1. Trump is a new man. He is no longer the man who ran for office in 2016. He has a new spirit given by God. He is a true believer now and will never turn back. God bless our president and his family. I love this man and I cannot imagine this nation without his leadership and guidance. He seeks world peace, not for the Globalist, but for all the people of all nations. He stood up against the UN and it's agenda 21 and 2030. He stood up against the communist regimes of China, Cuba, and Venezuela. He spoke of peace and love for all the people of all the nations of this world. He spoke of religious, sexual, and cultural tolerance. He spoke of saving lives, bettering lives, and increasing lives. He stood against human trafficking, suffering, and abuse. Trump 2020, anyone else is humpty dumpty.

  2. Trump is using Christians now to sacrifice for his selfishness, may God arise and the enemies be scattered for God is righteous and without injustice for He is a God of peace too. America needs to repent and not to be a deceiving nation or disasters is coming to your shore . Take care and God knows all things. In Jesus mighty name above all names l pray. Amen

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