CBN NewsWatch PM: September 24, 2019

Democrats continue to push impeachment after allegations Trump withheld aid to pressure Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden; Climate change activists in Washington D.C. make headlines; World Relief recognizes International Day of Peace; and more.

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  1. It is the Tilt of the Earth not co2. One Volcano puts out more co2 than the entire human race.

    We have the facts now climate change is not humans fault, it is God who is flipping our Earth upside down now as written.

    Dealing with it by a green new deal will not change it or stop it.

    We need to plan for the evacuations of coast lines and pray God takes His time flipping us upside down.

  2. Time to drain the swamp it's been going on too long with the money under the table business that's why trying to impeach President Trump obiden don't need the money so give it to the kids should be prosecuted as if the money in his own pocket all of them

  3. Its really embarrassing to see the democratic party constantly interrogating him and not supporting him as our elected President
    They all look so childish and unprofessional
    Other countries are watching would never see this happen to any other Authority other then in the USA ..its really repulsive
    Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. Of course they are gonna push this as far as they can AND overlook Bidens part in the process. All they want to do is stop the republicans at any cost. Their racist campaign didnt work, their collusion claim didnt work. They have to hang on to any and everything they can. Hillary's nastyness is why he got elected and the Dem BS is why he will get re elected.

  5. The Democrats are looking more and more ridiculous everyday they're doing nothing for this country!!! I can't believe how much time they've wasted just going after Trump and doing nothing to benefit this country what is our tax money going for???

  6. In wars and especially in our American civil war there were stories of fathers going to war against their sons and brothers fighting brothers. War can do such things. Now i just read a story on how China is persecuting some Muslims living in China, and of course those that defend China's actions because of the Middle East Wars. War in this for a first time global population of 8 Billion People means we will see the most insane & illogical acts of violence ever. Again it will be like already found in history, Christians making war against Christians, and Muslims against Muslims, but those without any true religion, that being one with a profound belief in life after death, will be where the worst of all atrocities come. In the last century Atheist Communism/Socialism has brought us more wars. We look for logic where none can exist without God. At least for now we have a Christian President, but his task is not easy. The insanity of the atheist mind is their ability to convolute all logic, twist truth into lies and create division whenever and wherever they can. May God Bless President Trump and hold him steadfast in the direction of Gods Will. Remember the Atheist has Nothing to Lose, as they believe that death is eternal. so they will descend to the lowest levels of hate for personal gain!

  7. Water for fuel! Plenty of Hydrogen with ZERO CARBON in H2O, this is what the Creator Created 70% of our Planet with! The exhaust? It turns back to H20! Its called HHO, Look it up

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