BJC Podcast video: Religious freedom, church-state law and Christian nationalism

In light of our conversations about Christian nationalism, this episode of the BJC Podcast takes a broader view of work in the church-state realm. BJC Executive Director Amanda Tyler is joined by Rabbi Ambassador David Saperstein, Melissa Rogers and BJC General Counsel Holly Hollman to look at the challenges to our constitutional commitment to religious liberty for all people. As they note, disagreement on the proper application of the First Amendment’s religion clauses is not necessarily evidence of Christian nationalism. Hear them discuss the complexity in this area of the law, the role of religion in public life, the dangers of government promotion of religion, how the Supreme Court tends to interpret the religion clauses, the protections provided by the separation of church and state, and more.

This is episode 9 in our 10-week podcast series on Christian nationalism. You can listen to the entire series on SoundCloud:

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