Ahead of Jewish Holy Days, Netanyahu Asked to Form Israel’s Next Gov’t 9/27/19

Israel, Iran face off at UN while the US boosts its military presence in the Gulf; plus Israeli PM Netanyahu asked to form government, will he succeed? And the shofar sounds as an ‘alarm clock for the soul’ as Israel readies for High Holy Days.

0:39 – Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the USA
3:16 – Israel Election Update and Analysis
12:44 – Facebook Taken Down for Incitement
18:16 – Making a Shofar
24:27 – Removing Prayer Notes from the Western Wall



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  1. Matthew 16
    4 A wicked and adulterous generation looks for a sign, but none will be given it except the sign of Jonah.”
    Who is looking for a sign? Who has been looking for a sign for thousands of years? People who call themselves Jews, that's who. So what does that make them? Wicked and adulterous. Is it really that complicated?

  2. Both Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Gants should be more particular about the welfare, safety, and stability off Israelites if they are sincere. There should be no room for dominance and crazy for power. Israel is one Country abundantly blessed by THE ALMIGHTY. Since all people around them are waiting to destroy Israel, it is a must and duty of both show their faith in God and proof their co-operation,, in letter and spirit, to save the Nation and the Israelites. It is a must for them to show the world that nobody dare to touch Israel. I sincerely pray for this to happen and bless Israel. I am certain of that. Till now, the Almighty was with them whenever there trouble, at times of all war. Let the Almighty bless Israel. Amen.

  3. It is unfortunate that Mr Netanyahu has not learned anything from history.
    He fails to see that he has become the major source of instability in the region.
    Everyone knows that the Jewish nation have suffered most from fascism.
    I wonder how confident he would have been if he did not have the backing of his nuclear arsenal and that of the United States.

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