CBN NewsWatch AM: September 27, 2019

CBN NewsWatch AM: September 27, 2019

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  1. It is Justice for all in less you are a Democrat, Then you seem to get off Scot free… The same as Hillary Clinton did, When she had deleted 30000 emails. There was Russian and FBI collusion. And somehow she was pardoned for all of this.

  2. Joe Biden shouldn't have been concerned with Ukrainian Prosecutor that happened to be investigating the company Joe's son, Hunter, was working for.
    Hunter's qualifications aren't there, and raise questions.

  3. Watch congress tell why they moved the conversation. There is a leaker who has leaked 3 other calls from trump to 3 different leaders. The leak i will say is, the whistleblower or his/her informant. The intent was to catch a traitor. To me this is compelling evidence the traitor is or knows the informant.

  4. Just like Jesus said in the last days right will be called wrong wrong will be called right nations in perplexity. 2nd Timothy 3 all about self, greed, power, control the end result taking God out of our speech. We are in the final hours before the Blessed hope. Worldwide signs warnings for the unsaved to repent turn from their sin Wicked Ways receive Christ

  5. When I think of what a father should be I think if a godly man teaching his son to have honesty, integrity and respect for others. Teaching his son to work hard, study hard and strive to be a good man. Then we have Joe Biden! What do you suppose he taught his sons about becoming a man?

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