'Our Hearts Are Shattered': Norway Takes Permanent Custody of 3 American Children from Christian Par

‘Our Hearts Are Shattered’: Norway Takes Permanent Custody of 3 American Children from Christian Parents



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  1. You are carrying a heavy burden my dear child. All we have to do is ask God for forgiveness and he will remove that sin as far as the East is from the West. He will remember it no more. As far as the government separating you that is their sin. It's starting to happen all over the world. Persecution of Christians. We will all pray for you. We love you sweetheart and lift that burden off of you because God remembers it no more. God has amazing power and with all of us praying together we can turn this around. It may take a while show always keep your faith because that is the only hope we have. God is the truth and he is eternal life. Joy and peace from him does not depend on what's Happening in the storm of life. I pray that God will give you this peace in the midst of the storm. Love you from Oregon USA. A grandma and a teacher

  2. Maybe if the parents hadn't spared the rod that spoiled little brat would still be with them and the fact she's probably never even been told the 10 commandments!!
    Its really very simple people, we've even got an instruction manual, its called the HOLY BIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. A little taste of what can happen when people, young and old, play games like this. What a mess. Could have been worse, she could have beat herself up, thrown bleach on herself and put a noose around her neck before calling the police. We still don't know what she did to cause all 3 kids to be taken away PERMANENTLY. She might have accused her parents of molesting her. Nice kid, going to grow up to be a real beauty. Good luck to her.

  4. Wow, I'm impressed with this little girl's honesty, her articulate repentance, and she appears to be genuinely remorseful of her actions! A pretty big confession for such a young lady! Good luck little one and good luck with patching up you heartfelt mistake!


  6. So Norway stepped in and protected you bc they thought you were in danger. Now, some adult has put you up to blaming Norway for trying to protect you. Just bc you lied doesn't mean they shouldn't "stop separating families". Sometimes families NEED to be separated. Sounds like a good life lesson for you. Shame on the adult for putting you up to this.

  7. Never forget child protective services are kidnapping American children! no warrant! Today! Right now! Everyday!In many cases for unwarranted reasons. These federal agencies usually targeting minorities, poor uneducated communities, especially the Native American community, in rural areas. So yes pray pray for not only this child ,but thousands of American children. Whose lives are ruined for the for-profit Foster and adoption Federal Money Train.

  8. The upside is there's no upside! A 5 or 6 years old shot his mother for not giving him a puppy here in the states I believe. Hopefully she will have a good outcome but she's wiser now. Yes wisdom sometimes come at a terrible cost. No one and no country can guarantee a positive outcome not even God😑

  9. 👋The word of God says in the end times that the children will turn on their own father and mother . All this over a phone .
    Young lady you knew what you were doing . As you said you lied . Being of a Christian Family you knew better. And part of the blame goes to Mom and Dad ! Parents are giving their children the tools to destroy . Computers and cell phones . That’s why they know no history and believe every word the cursed thing says and does. When you lied . You knew the outcome. Now you probably will end up in a foster home .
    This is what a communist education system does . The parents have allowed the government to have their position. All this is in America and as we see around the world . There may be no answer to this . They may stay in jail .The age of accountability is when you know it’s a lie!

  10. At least she finally fessed up to her childish mistake. Childish mistakes have grown up consequences, especially nowadays. And especially to Christians. And this is only the beginning of birth pangs. Poor family.

  11. And this is why you don't listen to children re: Greta Thunberg and the climate emergency activists who are using her and holding her up as a messiah. They are innocent and don't have the life experience to understand what they are doing. Shame on a government that breaks up a family based on the words of an angry child.

  12. The only way I could see this happening , unless she told, she was being abused, she did not tell exactly anything , but that she lied.? But abuse has to be proven! This is happening in the U.S. too, but mostly over a child being abused, by parents. Schools and state has way too much authority over our children, I do feel bad for this child, but what all did she tell?

  13. The so called tolerant left..the so called child protection agencies…they are the destroyers..they have no common sense or basic moral fiber …these are the actions of old power hungry groups …on the other hand perhaps unruly children need to hear long term and devistating their actions can be…I feel sorry for the parents..Norway along with many European countries are not free societies they are dictatorships of the nwo..their ..system…will declare they don't make mistakes and will not do the right thing by reuniting this family…they are bureaucratic thugs

  14. Sorry but do not blame Norway! You lied, so the blame should land squarely on you. You probably said that your parents abused you, and Norway is now protecting you from your abusers. I think an important lesson is being learned here and that is don't lie!! The fact that this video is trying to make Noway look bad for protecting children is shameful. Norway has no way of knowing she lied, and they do not know if she is telling a lie now! I hope for everyone's sake this gets sorted out, but when you lie there are consequences!!!!

  15. Governments around the world are over stopping there authority. They should not and do not have the right to tell anyone how to control or educate there children. Its time people started letting them no that they are there to do the peoples bidding not the other way around.

  16. So Norway didn't separate them. The little girl threw a temper tamper and told lies two get them taken away. Make your bed honey, learn to lye in it. You're putting your parents through hell and only care now that you aren't getting your way there too. Spoil the child, this is what happens.

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