CBN NewsWatch AM: September 30, 2019

CBN NewsWatch AM: September 30, 2019



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  1. The problem is the media even giving any attention to the attacks on the president of the United States. They should all be thrown out of this country. We are in the last days look up for Redemption draweth nigh. I have been blessed to see!

  2. I think the news pundits that say they are on Mr. President's side should STOP repeating that lie. The President did not say he wanted to have Biden or his son investigated! He said he wanted to have the corruption inside Ukraine looked into and why the "prosecutor's firing' might be investigated (maybe he should have left that part unsaid) but we know Trump. Everybody has been going to do business inside Ukraine for their own profit and have been coming away rich. Glenn Beck is doing a great job investigating it and he spoke with an author who wrote a book on the subject. We know the mainstream media is making up lies.

  3. Does CBN have bias against President Trump? Your reporter stated the President continues to pressure President Zelensky. Only Democrats maintain that accusation. Both the American and Ukrainian presidents stated there was no pressure. At any rate, is this professional reporting? When I recently found you, I had hopes of candid reporting.

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