CBN NewsWatch AM: October 1, 2019

On Newswatch AM October 1st: China displays its military power in parade marking communist government’s 70th anniversary; Iran Revolutionary Guard general says Iran can now destroy Israel; Democratic impeachment inquiry into Trump widens; … …

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  1. CBN you either didn't know or you did it on purpose but there was a prayer March today in D.C. to reverse Roe wade that was on the steps of the supreme court. Also if it was a honest mistake then cover the anti abortion March in philly oct13 if you miss that one then we will all know who's side your really on.

  2. The only man unnamed in the Whistle Blower's Statement, was one key figure who was central to all the controversy of the entire Ukraine flap , John Bolton. So say he bolted and turned informant, after Trump fired him. Then you have the best candidate for being the Whistle Blower, under Federal Protection with anonymity. Bingo. The carefully worded complain, artificially appears vague and second hand hearsay sources. Bolton is already being reborn by the Leftist Media, though he is a Neocon Hawk, yet the Democrats have a new found friend, willing to betray his master for thirty pieces of silver..

  3. Democrats you have awoken a sleeping giant called Republicans! You are about to see the biggest removal of Democrats from Congress in the history of the United States of America Congress! 2020 will be a wipe out of Democrats! Impeachment of Democrats for indictments of crime's will be over whelming to the court system! Shàlom🇺🇸

  4. CBN do you not know or choose not to report that the US Senate ratified and Clinton signed treaties with Ukraine, Australia and other countries to work together to root out political corruption? And, that is Trump’s responsibility?

  5. Shalom Yisrael usa Canada mexuco gobiernos Yahweh bless you ,,Urgente Halleluyah nuestro creador exodo 3 15 16 Yahweh y nuestro verdadero Salvador Yahshua Ha Mashiah yisraelita.verdadero hebrew Hechos 4 12 NO kevyn c bien el nombre verdadero, es por la eterna dad Yahweh creador verdadero hashem el eterna no Son nombres DIOS jehova senor baal es Halleluyah Kuma Yahweh kumi Yisrael

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