Court Rules University of Iowa Officials Must Pay From Their Own Pockets For Their Religious Discrim

Court Rules University of Iowa Officials Must Pay From Their Own Pockets For Their Religious Discrimination

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  1. I never went to kindergarten, started school almost 6 yrs old now government wants your child in pre school at 4 yrs, which also took the babysitting away, less money for us and government wants that (babysitting) $ .

  2. Atheist. I don't understand why they have a problem if someone believe in God and they don't. Don't make sense. If an atheist is so sure there not a God then don't worry about it. How about it all you atheist?

  3. I don't particularly like religious groups of any stripe but I don't hate them either. That said, the ultra woke liberals infesting nearly all universities all need to be held accountable for their outrageous "rulings" and forced to pay out of their own pockets and not the university funds. That includes lawyers fees.

  4. I have always said this! And I will say it here again!! For the past 40 plus years are colleges have been an institution for these Marxist Socialist professors to indoctrinate our young with their political Ideology!! And now our Grade schools have become the same thing except it's the Feminazi's that indoctranating the Children!! They are Vaginizing our boys!!! Indoctranating them to become future beta Male soy boys!!! That is a fact!!!!

  5. I am not religious at all!! It is against are rights as Americans to infringe upon others that are!!! Freedom of Religion!!! That's our Right!!!! And we Must push back on those that are infringing on it!!! Our constitution protects those rights!!!!

  6. Since educational institutions are charges with evidence based teaching and not teaching based on faith because you can believe anything based on faith as evidenced by the number of religions engaged with this issue therefor is seems rational to exclude religion from position of influence in those institutions.

  7. These so called "Chancellors and Presidents" of these places of "higher learning, need to have a sit down with Hillsdale's Larry Arnes and get a real education on the Constitution. But they are total idiots and will never do that. After all, They are "edud ma cated!!!!!! (plum through the 6th grade let me tell ya!!!)

  8. No, kicking them off isn't an answer. I'm an atheist, btw.
    If they, as a group, started making religious demands on anyone though, or wanting special treatment, then that's is just as much of a no-no. College – leave them alone. Religious – keep it to yourself and don't impart any teachings of your religion on anyone else.

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