CBN NewsWatch AM: October 3, 2019

On Newswatch AM October 3rd: Trump fights back hard against the impeachment inquiry, blasting House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff and attacking Joe Biden and his son, while House Democrats say they will subpoena the White House; a stunning …

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  1. People that support abortion are not very smart to begin with because they claim it's an embryo not a life. Well smart ones if it wasn't a life and just an embryo then it would not grow into a baby. Why is that so hard for pro abortionists to understand!

  2. That's the God that we serve ";⛪Jesus Christ 🙏💒 Who is full of love Mercy because his mercy endureth forever 🙌We need to forgive.. God will help us through this we need to save more souls for the kingdom of God it's all about Jesus people , don't you get it! It's our job as believers to take the word of repentance to those who don't have JESUS is thier Lifes💒 SALVATION to all those Souls that are lost and that are running in the darkness. of this world 🌎 We are the salt and the light in this fallin world,
    We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us..

  3. Babies are very precious but ALL children are precious and a blessing too. Yes protect the rights of the unborn children but have the same passion for protecting the children in the system or elsewhere that is being abandoned abused rejected and violated. The abortion issue is so intense that Christians forget to do right by all children. If every Christian family adopts one orphan there should be no need for orphanages. Don't just jump up and down against the abortion legislation but pursue fervently the right of all children. Including those children of immigrants.

  4. If you do your research Biden's son did everything he said and so did Biden . I just wish all these news people would stand up and do the real news and be honest even if you loose your job you would have respect

  5. Efrem & CBN – Patriots who follow the 'truther' & 'redpill' u-tube channels have known for +2 years that when B.O. left office he took his stink, flies & many C_A agents, loyal to him (because of their own corrupt 'deep state' activities for B.O., Billary, Pelousi, Bidens, Shifty, Commey, Bren*an & their own past experience working with or for the C_A). B.O. has his base of ops in his D.C. mansion where they've been meeting & plotting their coup. This Ukraine call is all b.s. concoction & more LIES from the 'demonrats' – desperate to overthrow our POTUS to protect their illegal, treasonous activities. Try reporting about what's really upon us: 'demonrats' = socialists+communists +fascists+nazis = evil+corruption… who never learned how to lose gracefully, even after THEY didn't play fair… instead, they whine, lie & break their own laws & rules setting poor examples for their cult followers.

  6. Wow! Powerful!
    She must in pain so much the whip lash from taking a life and getting so much love unexpectedly.
    Oh she will suffer naturally as how can one not suffer after removing a life.
    Now the question is ending a life with a weapon or with a doctor to get an abortion is that much different?
    Removing a life is exactly that removing a life a child of God.

  7. CBN be better than MBS, “a black man” what was that about, who wrote that in the script? He was a child of God, doesn’t need to be defined by his skin tone. Be better than MSM

  8. God is good and works in mysterious ways. It is a tragedy what happened, but it also shined a beautiful, and much-needed bright light in this dark world! Botham's death gave glory to God in the sense that his own brother knew that Botham would want to be compassionate and grant forgiveness in the mighty name of Jesus! How amazing is that. Someone out there, possibly Amber, was needing to see and hear that and to finally give their life to Jesus! We serve a merciful God.

  9. WOW!! That's what is so much needed to bring healing to one another. Thank you brother for teaching us all that you can ask the permission from the judge to forgive a person just going into prison. Let's keep her in our prayers. God bless.

  10. That is practical Christianity. I cried when I watched that divine episode of an expression of forgiveness and love . Am convinced that only a heart that has experienced the love of God can do that. It is so amazing. That was what Jesus did for us at the cross of Calvary. The sinless Christ died for us all is something our small brain cannot comprehend. Unforgivenes is a very big weight that will never, never allow any Christian to move forward. God forgave us all in Christ Jesus. His wrath was satisfied as Jesus died on the cross. So we don't have any reason whatsoever not to forgive not matter the offence . It can never be easy but it is possible. Only the sufficient grace of God can help us do that. Again, the Bible tells us that the way that leads to life is narrow. We therefore, have no choice but to walk this narrow way. Note, as long as you are holding anybody in unforgivenes, you are just holding yourself. There will be no joy, no peace in your heart . Above all you are telling God in our Lord's prayer( — forgive us our tresspasses as we forgive those who tresspass against us –" )not to forgive you your own sins. Ask God for the grace to forgive your offender . Once you do that, you will quickly feel a big load lift out of your heart. Just try it. You will testify to the glory of God.

  11. I am mix with that brother's response–it is touching FOR the MOMENT, but does nothing to change one's seed.  I have not seen the opposite where a White man hugs a Black person for the exact situation.  There was the white guy who shot 9 black people in church and the black church goers forgave the white murder, BUT all that hugging and forgiveness didn't stop racial killings on either side.  Forgiveness is after the fact–we've done nothing to stop what came before.  Knowing the deviousness of some minds swimming amongst society–such visible action could foster copy-cat behaviors: kill now, act remorseful, get a light sentence, and live free and alive shortly after.  She was too drunk to figure she wasn't home, but was steady enough to take perfect steady aim to shoot the victim in the heart, then went around 'handling' the situation–err…  I don't think a drunk who couldn't recognize home could be a sharp shooter at the same time.

  12. as a police officer she should know better ,,,,, she got the sentence Only for 10 years??? she should be in jail for the rest of HER LIVING LIFE!!! ,,, sorry FOLKS ,,,, no forgivnes from this side here ,,,,, not this time!!!

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