CBN NewsWatch AM: October 4, 2019

CBN NewsWatch AM: October 4, 2019

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  1. So many questions yet so little in answers. All I heard was utter garbage and answers that could have been about dishwashing! I am watching from Scotland and I am shocked and bewildered at the continuing erroneous accusations that are used to denigrate the POTUS. The halfwit from the Washington Examiner, casting aspersions upon President Trump, suggested that he would continue to issue ‘angry tweets’. What a total TUBE! The POTUS has every right to defend himself and is justifiably ‘angry’ at all the unsubstantiated allegations the limp-wristed, lying left have maliciously thrown at him.
    I hope I will see people like Schiff and every other maligner in the Democratic Party and corrupt Justice Dept brought to justice and given such punishment that the shock of it sends stark warnings to every reprobate mind that would dare to try and lie for political purposes. I want every wall and every portion of land in every part of America to reverberate with the sound of triumph and rejoicing when this corruption is finally cleansed from congress and every corridor of the Justice Dept. and the Swamp is finally DRAINED!
    I am looking on from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 with great expectation and with great anticipation for real and true patriots to stand shoulder to shoulder with your duly elected PRESIDENT and make a wall of support that will remain impenetrable!

  2. Yes the Democrats are liars and so is the news media that we don't believe a freaking word you all say and that's the news people and the Democrats and when you go to hell and you burn for eternity you will get your punishment. the Lord is coming real soon and he's going to take his people back out of this hell-hole that we're living in with the Democrats and the news cast

  3. Mrs. Denhollander indicated maybe that churches should be disciplined for a pastor's sexual abuse of people. I rather think the pastor should be dismissed, his license removed, and then be charged for his crimes. In general, a good training program for ministry requirements should include ethics of conduct. All churches should be instructed in this as well.

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