Exclusive: CBN News Visits Saudi Arabia as Desert Kingdom Opens to World 10/4/19

Exclusive CBN News report from Saudi Arabia; US Evangelical leaders sit down with Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman; and the Desert Kingdom opens up to the world with a new vision; plus young Saudis describe the changes going on inside their country.

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  1. This is truly exclusive; In a way that we don't really know what is hidden behind the curtains of Saudi's Royals. But I must admit that God works in exclusive ways also…. He can choose to use anyone ..

  2. God didn't tell us to only share the gospel with non Muslims or non Saudis. We must be wise about sharing the gospel, but we should share. The wonderful thing that has come from Saudi oil money sending families to the west for education and to set up mosques is that we were able to be a living testimony to a people we did not have access to otherwise. As they said we had to be invited to come to Saudi Arabia. I have tried to be the kind of person who would change the minds of Islamic people who have crossed my path here in the USA. I hope all those families who have returned to Saudi will share their experiences with their peers so that they may have ears to ear, eyes to see, and an open heart willing to accept.

  3. Really I’m so proud of my self because I’m from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦💚💚💚💚 i love my country and if I were not Saudi i wish to be Saudi ، I hope that god keep us safe, and we love all of nations💕💕💞

  4. Saudi Arabia is the hub of Taqquiyah (lying in order to give Islam the advantage.) Islam is inheiritantly political. Muslims consider themselves justified if they talk nice one day, and turn around and do the exact opposite the next day either in personal or public life. Their Prophet did exactly that because the Koran says "Allah is the best of all deceivers." I know personally because I lived under the roof of Muslims! You can present the best image of your life as an example to them, and they can be supporting Jihad right behind your back! These feel-good reporters talking to someone like the Crown Prince expecting a brighter future is like a baby playing in front of a Cobra. All Saudi Arabia wants is more souls. More wealth. More power. NEVER trust someone from a Faith that kills its own people for apostacizing from that faith. They are still going to be doing that all behind your back……while they try to keep their economy afloat. President Reagan's words "trust, but verify" have wider implications beyond his historic talks with Gorbachev. And always remember: before Arabia was united as a country, Islam taught to go and conquer the whole world by whatever means to bring the world under Sharia Law and Caliphate Rule. So they are operating under that principle, still. They just don't like the personality of other Muslim leaders of other Islamic Fundamentalist countries. Do you see where all this is leading?

  5. Arabia is not open to the world. Try calling a travel agent to see if you can get a travel or visa to Saudi Arabia. They don’t allow tourists in their country. Don’t even ask if you’re a woman planning to travel alone.

  6. Saudis are ok with Muslim Catholic faith. Just dont teach on Salvation through Jesus. All Faith's believe in one God. Its Jesus they have a problem with. TBN now has Catholic priests on the show. Saying we all are the same in doctrine. Not true folks. Catholics believe that good works lead to salvation. They believe the Pope is the only one who can step in the gap between us and God. Jesus is the only one to bridge that gap. They have convinced the powerful evangelical base that they must join to fight against abortion. It's all about money and power. Saudi Arabia still chops off heads and crucifies enemies. Do we really want to take orders from the Pope or Muhammad? Tread carefully church.

  7. The Creator of The Universe LOVES Ishmael and his Children❤️…TODAY is The Day of Salvation! King Jesus LOVES Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman! 🙏🏽We Pray for The Shalom of JeruSalem by way of G-D’S Providence including The Soul’s Salvation of The House of Ishmael. 🙏🏽May Ishmael through Saudi Arabia The Blessed, CHOOSE to accept The Salvation of The King of Kings, Melech Yeshua before HE Returns to end ALL sin! Amein! 💚We Love You Saudi Arabia…We Pray for You Brothers and Sisters💚

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