Missouri Baptist Convention offers resource for outreach

JEFFERSON CITY – The Missouri Baptist Convention is offering a resource to churches that can help them in targeted outreach efforts to their community. Through the MBC, churches have access to information at no cost to themselves from the Mapping Center for Evangelism & Church Growth, accessed via

“This is a great resource,” Gene Austin, MBC Director of Collegiate Ministries, told The Pathway. The Mapping Center provides demographic information – for example, names and ages – of people in a particular area.

Austin explained that the Mapping Center is especially helpful for churches who are trying to promote ministries or events to particular demographic groups. For example, through this resource, churches planning a fall festival can learn which homes in their communities have young children. In turn, this enables the church to send promotional materials to these specific homes. It can also help churches with door-to-door canvassing of their community.

To access this demographic information at no cost, churches can contact the MBC’s Tamara Parry via email at 

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