Faith Nation: October 7, 2019

Faith Nation: October 7, 2019

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  1. Nothing is positive across the world… USA 🇺🇸 retrieve from Syria will create a vacuum, that will filled by turkey the old fox looking to sneak in.. That's dangerous for Kurdish people.. Isis captives will be a threat.. Turkeys invasion a threat to Israel 🇮🇱..
    But one thing is sure God knew what will happen.. I don't trust in leaders of the world, only trust in God… Period

  2. Is it a strategic move by the president to depressurise the homefront that he facing the democrate now? Well hope he has other plan not giving up protection the persecuted kurdish,christian and other minorites to the mercy of turkish , syrian and jihadis filling the void when us forces leaved. May God's purpose and will be done. Pray for donald trump's wisdom.

  3. As former military – you don’t abandon your fellow fighters.
    The Kurds were fighting IS among others for America sparing American soldier lives – now thatIS is gone and there’s no need for the YPG – we shoot our ally’s in the bunker.

    Real politics brought WWII. The lack of action when Germany invaded Czechoslovakia got Germany more hungry and emboldened to invade other countries (Poland, Netherlands, France Belgium)
    Turkey will take over N. Syria an area rich with oil add criticize America for invading Iraq 😂

  4. there is a direct threat to our home front. I have to speculate, the deep state is on the threshold of creating internal strife. To procreate civil war, to use UN troops to enforce nwo control. The ACT of impeachment, is the protocol to render US troops a non functional arm of the government. By using impeachment protocol, they in effect negates the President war Powers act. The Democratic party doesn't feel it can defeat Trump in 2020. Therefore, a hostile takeover has become imminent. I pray that I am mistaken.

  5. Iran is a big supporter of terrorism in the world . I pray to almighty to to change president Trumps mind American troops should stay in middle East .widrawing American troops from middle East will be the great mistake. 🇮🇱🕎✝️🇺🇸💪💪🙏🛐

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